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    on Distant Horizons

    It must have been rather fab to research this, and it's terrific to encounter artists involved in the genre.

    - milouvision, 11:20 16th Jun

    on Camera Survey

    It might be interesting to see how the votes would stack if you asked in three months to repeat the survey, I for one missed the original request. It's a very interesting survey and nice to see that Pentax still have such a large following, likewise the medium and large format categories, [...]

    - Douglas Salteri, 08:54 16th Jun

    on Is Adobe Creative Cloud Bad For Photographers?

    Great article Paul! I hope Adobe will continue to develop Photoshop with new features for photographers. I would love some new adjustment layers, how about midtone contrast (a.k.a clarity)?

    - Magnus Lindbom, 07:32 16th Jun
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Content Issue
On landscape_issue74

Issue 74 PDF

You can download the PDF by following the link below. The PDF can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat or by using an application such as Goodreader for the iPad. Click here to download issue 74

Scafell FULL ALT2 Teaser

Terry Abraham Interview – Life of a Mountain

On Landscape have helped the Rheged to put on an exhibition of Lake District photographers and also a talk by David and Angie Unsworth and a workshop by Mark Littlejohn to coincide with the launch of Terry Abraham’s movie “Life   [ read ]


Joe Cornish and David Ward Discuss Photos

Last week we ran a webinar with David Ward and Joe Cornish where each photographer chose three of their colleagues images to discuss. The video is now available on You Tube but we’ve transcribed the content and included the images   [ read ]

boxes 10.tif

Harry Callahan Exhibition and Catalog

“I know what you’re thinking: ‘Did he use two sheets of film or only one?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being as this is a Deardorff 8×10, the most   [ read ]


Land|Sea Volume One

editor – Obviously we love Land|Sea but we wanted to put it in the hands of our prospective audience and ask them to give an honest opinion. Paul Arthur fit the bill for a colleague who is always brutally honest   [ read ]


Route 66

Route 66, The Mother Road. Taking in eight states, the route once  epitomised the American dream. In the forties and fifties it’s travellers would journey from Chicago in the east to Los Angles in the west. The reason for the   [ read ]


Kyle McDougall

This issue we’re featuring Canadian photographer Kyle McDougall who has some beautiful imagery of Ontario and it’s surroundings (and more!). If you could also tell us where you live and what you do for a living that would be great.   [ read ]

boxes 5.tif


I must say, sitting at my desk at work completely absorbed in some unmemorable task, it was a welcome diversion to hear my mobile go ping and then see a message from Tim pop up on the screen. With the   [ read ]

On landscape_issue73

Issue 73 PDF

You can download the PDF by following the link below. The PDF can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat or by using an application such as Goodreader for the iPad. Click here to download issue 73

Autumnal larch 2048

On Creativity – Pt 2

In part one of this article I looked at the psychological processes that underlie creativity and introduced the notion of flow. I tried to make it clear that creativity is an everyday part of human existence and not exclusively the   [ read ]

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