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Viewpoint Editor’s Letter editor@onlandscape.co.uk
Tim Parkin

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Content Issue

4×4 Portfolio

Our 4×4 feature is a set of four mini portfolios from our subscribers. Continue reading

Distant Bridge, Catskill, NY

Thomas Peck’s Critiques

It’s quite incredible that such a vision can be brought to life from an iPhone. Continue reading


Zero Footprint at the Environmental Arts Festival

Many people reading this will be familiar with our “Zero Footprint” project and book following recent coverage in On Landscape.  For anyone that missed it, we selected a location directly outside our house and decided to take photographs from there,   [ read ]


The Credit Crunch

I recently faced a conundrum and blogged about it on my website but I wanted to go into the subject in greater detail, having given it some more thought. I wanted to stimulate a discussion among other, wiser photographers than   [ read ]

8.Steam on Snow (1)

Hannah Devereux

Can you tell me a little about your education, childhood passions, early exposure to photography and vocation? I did an art and design foundation course in Falmouth, Cornwall and then a degree in Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of   [ read ]

Tim and david 14th July

Recording of Live Streaming 14th July

In this live streaming event,  Tim chatted with David Ward about his recent travels (including New Zealand, US and Scotland). Tim also looked at some of the latest news in the photography world  including the Canon 5DS (click here for his   [ read ]

On landscape_issue80

Issue 95 PDF

You can download the PDF by following the link below. The PDF can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat or by using an application such as Goodreader for the iPad. We’ve split the PDF into highest quality and small download versions   [ read ]


Testing the Canon 5DS(r)

Ever since the Canon 5D Mark III was released, photographers have been crying out for more resolution, especially when competitors had jumped from 24mp to 36mp, with even higher counts on the horizon. Rumours of a 50mp+ Canon camera surfaced   [ read ]

Mist hovers over the fields outside Foolow  in Derbyshire, on a chilly winter's morning.  Long strip fields can be seen around the village, some marked by hedgerows but mostly walled with limestone.

Fields of the British Isles

Britain’s landscape has many faces and with its remote uplands, dramatic summits and thousands of miles of dynamic coastline to explore, it is easy for these subjects to dominate the photographic narrative. This is in spite of the fact that   [ read ]


4×4 Portfolio

Our new feature this issue is 4×4, a set of four mini portfolios each consisting of four images related in some way. If you would like to submit your own 4×4 portfolio please visit this page for submission information. Matt   [ read ]

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