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Tim Parkin

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Content Issue
The partial eclipse of 20/3/2015. I wanted to capture it as part of the landscape, and here it is poking through a wee gap in the cloud. Nikon D800 21mm lens f16 1/30th second. Location Gordale Beck near Malham.

Kev Lockwood

Kev is a landscape photographer based in Yorkshire. Since his youth he has been a frequent visitor to moorlands, mountains and coastlines, throughout the UK, and occasionally beyond. Continue reading

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Fragments & Impressions

Roger and I have been talking on and off for the last couple of years and I’ve been dragging my heels for a while on getting this interviewed completed. As it turns out, this hasn’t been such a bad thing   [ read ]

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Issue 100 PDF

The PDF can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat or by using an application such as Goodreader for the iPad. Continue reading


Creative Lightroom Pt6

Continuing in our Lightroom for Landscape series, Joe Cornish and I are looking at the radial selection tool and also we’re taking a closer look at the hue, saturation and lightness sliders. Continue reading


What’s Up With Camera Firmware?

Exposure controls haven’t really moved on a whole lot since the days of film, apart from perhaps the histogram, an inaccurate way of showing how far wrong the internal meter was. I’m hoping to take you through some of the innovations that I’d like to see in the next range of cameras from the big manufacturers. Continue reading

flyer for exhibition

Light and Land at the Mall

Light and Land put on a week long exhibition at the Mall Galleries called “The Year of the Print in August 2015. Read further for a review from an exhibitor & two visitors. Continue reading

4x4 copy

4×4 Portfolio

This issue’s landscape photography 4×4 portfolio features John Barton, Michael Cummins, Mike Curry and Paul Gotts. Continue reading

Foliage for OL

Exhibition: The Blazing Forest, Thomas Peck

A new exhibition: The Blazing Forest, by Thomas Peck concentrates on Epping Forest in its most exquisitely beautiful autumnal colour. Continue reading


Thomas Peck’s Critiques – Untitled

Do you like modern art/photography? Especially abstract modern art…? Or does it frustrate you? Does it feel like the artist is being deliberately obscure, cloaking an image in obfuscation, and then calling it Art! I must admit I can have   [ read ]


Endframe: “Infinite Funnels” by Guy Tal

Over the years Guy has been someone whose images and words have constantly moved me. There’s been a connection that I really haven’t found as strong elsewhere. Continue reading

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