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Tim Parkin

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Content Issue

Josef Sudek

Josef Sudek may not be known as a landscape photographer, much of his work was still life, urban, occasionally portraits and quite often commercial commissions. However, his passion was very much about the natural world, his first award-winning work was   Continue reading


Endframe: “Dancing Aspen” by Charlotte Gibb

Barry Edge chooses one of his favourite images: “Dancing Aspen” by Charlotte Gibb. Continue reading


Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

Our 4×4 feature is a set of 4 landscape photography portfolios from our subscribers: Hilary Barton, Jonny Bell, Julie Varo & Sonja Grubenmann Continue reading


Calligraphy Landscape

This set of images was taken in Fjallabak, a nature reserve in the interior of Iceland which in winter is only accessible by so-called 4×4 Super-Jeeps. Continue reading


Up Close River Etive

I’m married to a landscape photographer so I often find myself sat in the same place for a while looking closely at my surroundings. Continue reading


Fish Sheds

Fish Sheds is the beginnings of a series that considers environments, our interactions with them, and reflects on the nature of human achievement, and its’ contradictions.
Continue reading


South Georgia

I fell in love with both photography and the polar regions on my first expedition to Antarctica from New Zealand in 2010. Continue reading


Surviving Spring

This part is by way of a round-up of some of the key points from previous articles – which focused on sun protection and hydration in summer, water-proofing and flexibility in autumn, insulation and snow preparedness in winter. Continue reading


Kilian Schönberger

Kilian Schönberger is a professional photographer & geographer from Germany. He has previously said that he sees being colour blind as a strength – given the difficulty of distinguishing certain tones, he concentrates on pattern and structure. Continue reading


The Edges Of These Isles

This project is a collaboration between artist Tom Musgrove and photographer Simon Bray, depicting seven landscape locations from across the British Isles using their respective mediums. Continue reading

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