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Tim Parkin

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Content Issue

Creative Cloning

We’ve all been in the position of having what looks like a wonderful picture we can see but sadly there is an obstacle sitting in the way. For me it’s quite often the trunk of a tree sitting in the way. Continue reading [ read ]

030023 - Gondola- Venice_

Endframe: Gondola, Venice by Charlie Waite

I’m grateful it inspired me to think differently about all aspects of my work. At first sight I enjoyed its simplicity and then an analytical study revealed just how carefully the image had been considered. Continue reading [ read ]


Glen Nevis

Like most landscape photographers I love winter and find it a special time of year. There is much to be said for autumn, spring and summer but there is just something about crisp frosty mornings and fresh layers of virgin snow that I find invigorating. Continue reading [ read ]

DENGE dung II long ear

Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

This issue the 4×4 portfolios are from Aman Agrawal, Jason Riley, Kenneth Meijer & Pessons Vest Continue reading [ read ]

Making tracks

A Field, A Lane, A Wood

A recent self help trend for those suffering stress has been mindfulness. A method where by concentrating and focusing all of your attention in on yourself and the process of breathing and other bodily sensations you are able to fully relax by blocking out negative thought. If you can take the time to assess exactly how you are feeling as you make images you should find, as I do, that you will have entered a very similar state. Continue reading [ read ]


Art and Inspiration

We can think of inspiration as the state of finding profound joy and meaning in the making of our work, in which case it is indeed correlated with what psychologists term flow – a state of great contentment that ensues out of becoming so consumed in an activity that no attention is left over for other concerns. Continue reading [ read ]

simon ashmore 7

Simon Ashmore

Simon is less interested in accurately recording that which he sees than he is in combining subject, shape and tone using one or more images to create an impression. His aim is to encourage the viewer to see familiar things in a new light, and not all of his images are as they first seem. Continue reading [ read ]

On landscape_issue80

Issue 106 PDF

Our first batch of truly winter weather comes and goes a couple of weeks ago and I was lucky enough to be in Scotland at the time. Charlotte and I had booked to do some more winter mountain skills and   [ read ]

On Landscape Conference -13

Landscape Photography Conference

Get together a bunch of your favourite landscape photographers to give presentations to like minded individuals and have a crack at the same time. Two years ago we did just that and from our feedback we think it went quite   [ read ]


Beginning Winter Mountain Photography

Colin Prior’s books on Scotland’s mountains were one of my first introductions to the world of landscape photography. Highland Wilderness and The Wild Places showed me the beauty of Scotland’s finest peaks but it was the winter depictions that really   [ read ]

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