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Tim Parkin

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Content Issue
Beauty in the beast, South Gare

Scene from the Water’s Edge

Scene from the Water’s Edge’ is a collection of images taken over approximately six years. The images including the stunning local landscape in and around the East Midlands and also locations from around the UK coastline and France. Continue reading [ read ]

Lowering sky, Drakensberg

Compositional Controversies

Debate has often raged between photographers, about the advantages and characteristics of specific aspect ratios. I know that, having listened (and contributed) to a few such debates over the years. And yet, how significant is aspect ratio, and is it meaningful to us as we develop our photography? Continue reading [ read ]

William Dore - On Landscape 3

Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

Our 4×4 feature is a set of four mini portfolios from our subscribers Larry Monczka, Nick Petrides, William Dore & Robert Hewitt. Continue reading [ read ]

Lakes book screenshot

An Accidental Book Venture

In 2013 I self-published a photography location guide book, which started out as personal curiosity and accidentally ended up as a continuing venture. How I hadn’t thought of combining photography and book publishing before then is a mystery to me in hindsight, but let me explain how it happened. Continue reading [ read ]

Palowena Forest

Luminous photographs

Technically, luminosity refers to how much light an object emits. In photography we tend to think of luminosity as how much light an object reflects, we measure luminosity with light meters, usually the amount reflected off the subject, though this   [ read ]

Franci van der Vyver18

Franci van der Vyver

To me the appeal of photography lies in the communication – to understand how and why we see things in different ways and then to translate it into a different way of viewing the subject that is then made visible to all. Continue reading [ read ]

Car Cemetery

Rolling Stones, Norwegian Wood and some others

In 1990 I visited the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park. I was eager to see some powerful American landscape photographs. In their collection of work by the American masters, they had several dye transfer prints by Eliot Porter and for very decent amount of money. However at this time in my life I was not ready for Eliot Porter. I simply did not appreciate the subtle content of his intimate landscapes. Continue reading [ read ]

On landscape_issue80

Issue 112 PDF

Click here to download issue 112 (high quality, 90.7Mb) Click here to download issue 112 (smaller download, 48.7Mb)


Tim Rudman – Iceland Exhibition

Last year I was contacted by Tim Rudman about scanning some darkroom prints for a book project he had in mind. I owned a couple of books by Tim and also had seen some of his work on his website and so was quite intrigued by the project. Continue reading [ read ]


#Connected2016 – Individuality

Saturday 30th April this year see the 9th annual photographic exhibition bought together under the name #Connected at Patchings Art Centre in the glorious Nottinghamshire countryside. Continue reading [ read ]

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