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Tim Parkin

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Issue 118 PDF

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Alan Ranger

I saw Alan Ranger’s blog post about photographic journeys and his own personal journey that culminated with some one to one tuition with David Ward and wanted to find out a little more about him. Continue reading [ read ]


Interview with Nicholas White

I’ve been following Nicholas’s photography since he started publishing his ‘Militarisation of Dartmoor’ series and when I saw he had started a new series on our bothy system I was intruiged to meet up and find out more. Continue reading [ read ]


Endframe: Basin Mountain, Approaching Storm, by Bruce Barnbaum

I first came across the name Bruce Barnbaum when I bought his book “The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression”. I remember sitting on the platform at London Bridge Station, waiting for the train home and reading the   [ read ]


Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

Our 4×4 feature is a set of four mini portfolios from our subscribers – Andrew Mellor, Janet Salmon, John Erskine & Peter Williams Continue reading [ read ]

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Thomas Peck’s Critiques

The Quiet Sublime: The tradition of the Sublime in landscape has existed since the 18th Century. The most common understanding is when the landscape inspires awe and wonder, even dread and terror. Continue reading [ read ]

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Chromatic Scales

David Ward talked at the Meeting of Minds Conference 2014 and discussed our understanding of colour is on the one hand instinctive and innate. Continue reading [ read ]

Boats & Conveyor

Urban Arctic

Not very many think of the Arctic as an urban landscape. However, with modern mans presence in the high north, parts of the wild landscape has undergone some serious undulation. Continue reading [ read ]


Oriental Philosophy & Photography

Art and philosophy are tightly intertwined. Contrary to science, where we try to find answers to questions, art and philosophy look for more questions. Finding the answers to these questions might be a welcome result, but the importance is the questioning process itself rather than the answers. Continue reading [ read ]

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Issue 117 PDF

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