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Tim Parkin

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Content Issue

The History of Moonlight

I have never understood anybody who seems disinterested in the night sky and this fascination to photograph it began on Dartmoor, right at the start of my love for photography. Continue reading [ read ]

Varanger #1

Orsolya Haarberg

Many dream of turning their passion for photography into a profession. Orsolya has done just that and has now been working together with her husband, Erlend Haarberg, as a freelance nature photographer for over 10 years, specialising in the landscapes and nature of the Nordic countries. Continue reading [ read ]


The Unknown Room

Asked about adventure, Messner said you need an unknown environment to really experience it, an unknown room as he calls it. That, I think, brings into play the authentic side of photography. The moving on towards the unknown. Something you experience for the first time. Something you photograph for the first time. Continue reading [ read ]

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Issue 114 PDF

Click here to download issue 114 (high quality, 84Mb) Click here to download issue 114 (smaller download, 38Mb)

Approaching Storm, Chris Upton

Endframe: Approaching Storm by Chris Upton

Is it a landscape image or am I just on a nostalgia trip? I’ll let you decide but to me it’s both. A photograph of any type is by definition a moment in time past so the two are probably inexorably linked. A lot of our industrial landscape has slipped away over the years without being captured. Continue reading [ read ]


“Iceland – An Uneasy Calm” by Tim Rudman

In issue 112 we had an interview with Tim Rudman about his Iceland exhibition and book and promised to have a review of the book in the following issue. Hopefully, you’ll forgive us for being a little late on this   [ read ]

Hans Strand conference video

Iceland – The Inspiration for the Book

Hans Strand talked at the Meeting of Minds Conference 2014 about the inspiration for his book Iceland. Continue reading [ read ]

Paul Wakefield conference talk

Professional and Personal – An Illustrated Discussion with Paul Wakefield

Pau Wakefield was one of the speakers at the 2014 Meeting of Minds Conference, which was recorded. Through the means of an illustrated interview with the photographer David Ward, Paul and David talk about how he has balanced his commercial work with the need to continue doing his personal work. Continue reading [ read ]

Jem Southam conference talk

From Red River to the Rivera Winter – A look at projects in contemporary landscape photography

Jem Southam was one of the speakers at the 2014 Meeting of Minds conference, which was recorded. Jem Southam is critically regarded as one of the most important British photographers of the last twenty five years. Working with a 10×8 view camera and colour negative film, his patient pursuit of his art seems at odds with the frenetic pace of life in the 21st Century. Continue reading [ read ]


Thomas Peck’s Critiques

The best photographs leave something to the imagination, they leave room for the viewer wrote David Ward In an article “Leaving room… Where does the viewer live?” (OnLandscape, issue 65) David Ward goes on to explain that to capture the   [ read ]

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