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Tim Parkin

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A Shadow Within

Julia Fuchs

There’s a sense of energy to her images, which mix intentional camera movement and multiple exposure. They’re often based around fairly simple landscapes but usually feature some gilded light or texture that lifts them beyond simply being blurry. Continue reading

Postcard from Powys: Fields near Dolau, April 2013

A Stranger Comes To Town

It may have been Tolstoy, once claimed that there are really only two stories: “A Person Goes On A Journey”, and “A Stranger Comes To Town”. Continue reading


First Steppes with 100 Megapixels

From time to time I reckon all my good luck cards are used up…but then another one comes along. Earlier this year, Drew Altdoerffer from Phase One, with whom I have worked before on Skye and in the Antarctic, emailed. Continue reading


Surviving Autumn

It can seem like Autumn at any time of the year when you are in the Lake District – such is the famed changeability of the weather. Being prepared for all possibilities is always going to be a challenge, but a key priority for me is protection from the rain – both from myself and my photographic gear. Continue reading

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Issue 124 PDF

I’m just about to pop out of the door to go to an exhibition featuring the work by Valda Bailey, John Blakemore, Jacqui Booth, Alex Boyd, Al Brydon, Mike Colechin, Chris Friel, Rob Hudson, Stephen Segasby, Dan Wood and Joseph Wright. Continue reading


Endframe: Afterlight, Eigg by Richard Childs

Whilst only in my second year of photography I went on a family holiday to the west coast of Scotland, my first visit I might add. Still quite wet behind the ears and having just passed my driving test, I   Continue reading


Interview with Lee Filters

On a recent visit to On Landscape HQ we asked Jon Cuff from Lee Filters whether he would be able to answer a few questions about the process of creating the filters and a few questions from our readers as well. Continue reading


Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

Our 4×4 feature is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios from our subscribers: Øutlïer, Sam Gregory, Steve Gledhill & Steven Kramer Continue reading



The live oak “boneyards” of the southeast coast of the United States hold a deep fascination for me. They are starkly beautiful and often deeply mysterious. Continue reading


Trees on Bredon Hill

After two long distance photo-hikes – the full length in both directions of both The Cotswold Way and The Thames Path – I looked for something much nearer home and settled on Bredon Hill near my home in Worcestershire. Continue reading

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