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Tim Parkin

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The Biesbosch Wetlands

This time, the water won, reclaiming all that humans had wrought. The contours of tree-lined farm lanes are still visible in the skeletons of submerged trees. more


Issue 198 PDF

Click here to download issue 198 (high quality, 131Mb) Click here to download issue 198 (smaller download, 76Mb) more


David Ward Exhibition Talks

In November, I visited the Joe Cornish gallery to give a talk, along with Joe Cornish and Lizzie Shepherd, at David Ward's exhibition, "Overlooked". The exhibition itself was fantastic and just in case you missed the talks, we recorded them all for posterity. The following is Lizzie Shepherd's talk. You can see the other talks on our YouTube channel or check in the back issues If you're on a mobile device the link you need is more


End frame: The Dysfunctional Family by Simon Baxter

One of the photographers I follow on YouTube, stands out for his woodland photography; Simon Baxter. Being able to watch Simon discovering, composing and making his images, provides an invaluable insight into his thinking and I hope plants creative seeds in my photographic mind. more


A Different Viewpoint

To celebrate Mark's exhibition, we asked Mark to revisit his work with the Steamers and talk about how working in this way has affected his photography. more


Motoko Sato

My work is not a loud voice that reaches a lot of people, but a small whispering work that snuggles them one by one. I think that a delicate and small voice is just right for delivering peace with the voice of nature. more


Creating Good Impressions – where art meets photography

David's exhibition features 70 abstract & impressionist landscape works created locally and as part of his ongoing Coastal Impressions project. Ahead of the exhibition, David shares his thoughts on what inspires his photography. more


Fotospeed Fine Art Paper Review

What most people will want to know is: What’s the practical difference between these papers and will the resultant prints be the best they could possibly be? more


Alan Lait

There is something about the rugged beauty of the mountains, mixed with the often moody weather that I engage with and, although my early visits were more about reaching the top of the fells more


Issue 197 PDF

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