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Tim Parkin

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Content Issue

End frame: ‘Iona Sun’ by Paul Kenny

When asked to write for the End Frame section of On Landscape, one artist that sprung to mind among many of my favourites was Paul Kenny and especially the image ‘Iona Sun’. Born and educated in Salford, in the Northwest of England, Paul completed his Fine Art Degree at Newcastle upon Tyne in 1975. His own words probably describe best what he does: The work, building on themes developed over thirty-five years, tries to find the awe-inspiring more


The Perimeter

Quintin Lake has featured in a couple of articles about his adventures in "From Greenland to the Sahara" and a walking project on the Thames Waters in previous On Landscape issues and at the time he replied to a comment from one of our subscribers saying "it's actually reminded me how much I want to continue the journey". At the time, I'm not sure he thought 'continuing the journey' meant walking around the whole of the coastline more

John Higgs 4

Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

This issue our 4x4 landscape photography portfolio features are from subscribers: Barry Rosof, Benjamin Stevens, John Higgs & Sanjeev Kumar Yadav. more

Barry-Rosof-Canada Geese

Stormwater Facility

This year, housebound due to the Coronavirus, I had limited reasons to leave the house. Walking the dog was an approved activity. Once the snow melted, I would slip a small camera into my pocket and visit the ponds on my daily dog walks. more

Benjamin Stevens 3

Outback Trees

I love their shapes and forms and the way in which they interact with the landscape. I love their bark, which comes in such a varied range of colours and textures. more

John Higgs 3


River Affric, Dog Falls, November 2019. Same subject minutes apart. more


Colour of Nature

The weather in Dhanaulti can be unpredictable, but this results in it always being interesting. We could see an enormous amount of rainbows and rain being whipped up into beautiful clouds in the distance. more

Roy White 11

Nature Without and Within

I have come to think of my photographic approach as that of losing myself to the experience of seeing, where seeing includes other senses, as well as that of the eyes. more


A Summons to Seriousness

Although we may differ in our preference of where and how we feel most at ease and most motivated to photograph, we all have the choice to consider such situations as “summons to seriousness.” more

David Magee_Stratum


These images form part of an ongoing study of the Atlantic coast of Ireland. This exhibition presents seven photographs. more

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