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Tim Parkin

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Content Issue

Ditching Graduated Filters

Setting aside my own experiences there are many reasons to make the case for a “gradless” capture process. more


A Question of Meaning

I believe that what a photograph is about is but one manifestation of self-expression. I express myself in every photograph by way of the decisions I make at the time of capture and in processing. more


Issue 185 PDF

Tim Parkin Just before I started to write the editorial for this issue, I noticed that David Clapp had written a blog post about the ‘ugly decade of the comment box’. more


“Shaped by the Sea” Book Review

The project can be summarised as covering the tidal zone of Europe’s Western coastline. Theo humbly says “It was never my intention to cover Europe’s entire Atlantic coast” as if this was perhaps a passing thought, discarded at the last minute. more


My Favourite Image

The location is Veidivotn, arguably the "Lake District" of Iceland and a truly stunning alien landscape, far removed from what I would expect to see on this planet more


Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

This issue our 4x4 landscape photography portfolio feature is from subscribers: Francesca Mazzoni, Leslie Ashe, Matt Oliver & Paul Nixon. more


Superstitions and Folklore

As a young child, the superstitions and folklore I experienced staying at my grandparents in the mountains of County Sligo left a lasting impression on me. more


The Quiet

These 4 images form part of a larger series of images and probably my favourites so far. The project initially started without any intent, and after venturing out in similar conditions, a collection of images started to come together. more


Iceland rock

This 4x4 collection, all from 2018, features different textures of rock found in the Western Fjords of Iceland. more


Lofoten in winter

Lofoten is the place where mountains and ocean meet together. A small archipelago where every day several villages preserve history and tradition. more

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