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Tim Parkin

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Content Issue
East Rock 1

Blur as Vibration

Several years ago, I made a conventional exposure of birch trees in the morning sunlight that seemed inadequate to convey the surprise of my encounter. Suddenly, I got an impulse to try again and move the camera during exposure. The result appeared to express a visual vibration more commensurate with my experience of the trees. I did not see the trees move, but I felt a visceral internal movement. Before I made this exposure, I had seen a few more

Chris Murray Art Craft 8

Art vs. Craft

Sticking with the music analogy, I have seen videos on Youtube of musicians performing song covers on their respective instruments. That these people are talented is without question, they hit all the right notes. But, that alone does not make them artists. more

Seaworks Paul Kenny 4

10 Years of Seaworks

The exhibition is entitled ‘Ten Years of Seaworks’ and the pictures on display were made between 2008 to 2018. more

On Landscape Issue80

Issue 258

Click here to download issue 258 (high quality, 189Mb) Click here to download issue 258 (smaller download, 137Mb) more

Seasonal Papyrophilia

End frame: Seasonal Papyrophilia by Krista McCuish

I started this article by saying that I like images that make me question what I am seeing and “Seasonal Papyrophilia” does exactly this. There are multiple layers and textures and quite unusual shades of pinkish purple and lime green. more

Theo Bosboom Limpets In The Landscape (11)

Limpets in the Landscape

Although limpets are widespread and can be easily observed at low tide in many places along the Atlantic coast of Europe, the life of limpets is completely unknown to most people. more


Past Masters and expressive photography

In this second part, I'm going to explore their thoughts on perfection and on influences. To see how their mature thinking can be applied to our approach towards expressive photography. more


Transcendent Forms and Noble Lies

I wrote this article as a possible first in a series themed “Philosophy for Photographers.” My hope is that it might help photographic artists understand photography in the greater context of historical thinking about art. more

Machine Gun Emplacement Rye Harbour

Marks of Conflict

A new solo exhibition of photographs, by photographer Paul Burgess ARPS, exploring how conflicts over the centuries have marked the landscape. more

Ms88223 Redigera

Mattias Sjölund

I live close to Stockholm, at a glance in the middle somewhere but actually 17 hours on a train from Abisko in the far north and 6 hours south to the middle of Sweden. more

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