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Viewpoint Editor’s Letter editor@onlandscape.co.uk
Tim Parkin

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End frame: Dorset, 1986 by Sir Don McCullin

McCullin’s landscapes have helped to inspire me to look more carefully at my immediate surroundings, with a view to taking photographs, and to broaden my ideas about what makes a suitable subject for a photograph. more


Joe Cornish – Fisherfield Forest, Scotland

It was a pleasure to host Joe Cornish for a few days at the start of June and he had just come back from a trip with his son Sam and Alex Nail. more


Overcoming Obstacles to Idea Generation and Evaluation

At a very high level, creativity is a process that involves the sophisticated interplay of two mechanisms: idea generation and idea evaluation. more

David Ward - Antelope canyon iPhones

Acquisitions and Inquisitions

This paradox springs from the fact that photographers’ peers are seen as both their preferred audience and their competition for the acquisition of images. Photographers want to brag about where they’ve been to people who they think will appreciate it. more


Same Tree, Different Day

Later that afternoon, the thought occurred to me to take a photo of the tree every day for a year just to see what would happen. I decided to follow through on that thought, and I had no clue at the time how this simple idea would end up impacting my life. more


Joel Truckenbrod

That quality of silence is probably the single most important element I find within the landscape, and often one of the most difficult to effectively communicate. Perhaps that valuation is a reaction to living in a busy world, which is seemingly always filled with noise and distraction? more


Darkness in the Deep South

The camera is a recording tool: mechanical, technical, objectifying. The photographer is a subjective cypher: selecting, emphasising, interpreting. The bringing together of these antithetical poles can lead to an artistic fusion that is evocative and profound. more


Issue 234 PDF

Click here to download issue 234 (high quality, 123Mb) Click here to download issue 234 (smaller download, 62Mb) more


Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

This issue our 4x4 landscape photography portfolio features are from subscribers: David Travis, Dipak Chowdhury, Goran Prvulovic & Ian Meades more


Winter Woodland, Walla Walla

Walla Walla, tucked away in the south-eastern corner of Washington State, is surrounded by some truly iconic landscapes: The Palouse Hills, Cascade Mountains, Snake River canyon and the waterfalls along the Columbia River gorge. more

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