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    on Distant Horizons

    It must have been rather fab to research this, and it's terrific to encounter artists involved in the genre.

    - milouvision, 11:20 16th Jun

    on Camera Survey

    It might be interesting to see how the votes would stack if you asked in three months to repeat the survey, I for one missed the original request. It's a very interesting survey and nice to see that Pentax still have such a large following, likewise the medium and large format categories, [...]

    - Douglas Salteri, 08:54 16th Jun

    on Is Adobe Creative Cloud Bad For Photographers?

    Great article Paul! I hope Adobe will continue to develop Photoshop with new features for photographers. I would love some new adjustment layers, how about midtone contrast (a.k.a clarity)?

    - Magnus Lindbom, 07:32 16th Jun


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We have seen a problem on the iPad where some images don’t appear which we believe is due to a maximum total size of images you can have on one page – obviously we have quite hi-res images and this may cause a problem. We’re looking into this to try to find a way to resolve.


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How often do issues come out?

The magazine is published approximately every two weeks depending on content and we try to get 24 issues a year with a ‘holiday’ at Christmas/New Year and in Autumn where our editor takes a family holiday (at the insistence of his wife).


Why are Some Articles Not Available?

We release articles for an issue spread out over the two weeks that the issue is published in. At the end of the two weeks we start preparing the PDF version of the magazine (which we’re starting to produce in the new year) which will include some of the best comments. The PDF will be released two weeks later. This might seem odd for a ‘periodical’ magazine but gives us more flexibility and hopefully keeps you interested in the website!


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Do Subscriptions Auto-renew?

Yes! The payment arrangements with paypal will auto-renew until cancelled.


Do I get Access to the Back Issues?

For as long as you have an active subscription you get access to all of the content on the website.


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