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At its very core, On Landscape is a subscription based magazine dedicated to landscape photography. We publish two issues of the magazine per month and on average publish 23 issues per year.  With a bumper issue at Christmas and a slightly longer time between issues when the team are away on holiday.

But it’s not just this because most magazines don’t have rich video content. Most magazines also don’t have instant interactivity and community feedback either. And most magazines are only part landscape, usually mixed with the very different genre of wildlife photography.

On Landscape was an idea brought to life by engineer turned photographer Tim Parkin and world-renowned professional landscape photographer Joe Cornish. Our original goal was to create something dedicated to the people we both meet on a regular basis. The amateurs who spend all of their spare time in the field, the semi-professionals trying to make a living from this misunderstood occupation and the full-timers who have managed to build themselves a niche in a challenging business arena.

We didn’t want to just reproduce the current status quo though - it was important that the magazine had a guiding principle and after some thought we can probably summarise it as follows:

  • Raise awareness of the great community of landscape photographers around the world
  • Inform about the history of our chosen genre
  • Build bridges between the contemporary and the romantic, the purist and the experimental
  • Showcase amazing and challenging work
  • Adapt to the desires of the community without diluting principles

Since we started on this path, we have had some brilliant submissions from our readers and regular contributors such as Guy Tal, Rafael Rojas, Richard Childs, Colin Bell and Len Metcalf, to name but a few.

We have great plans for the future which include more interactive content, videos and expanded community features plus more of our regular landscape photography. We’re hoping to make On Landscape a one-stop shop for everything to do with landscape photography and with your help I’m sure that will happen.

Don’t forget we’re also looking for contributors and stringers (people who tell us about interesting snippets of news or photographers we may otherwise miss) and also just feedback on what it is you want to see and how you want to see it.

Finally, we recently moved to a small village in the Scottish Highlands (Glencoe/Ballachulish) where we now have access to more passing photographers, more stunning landscapes to work in and we have just built a dedicated garden office for On Landscape where we will be setting up a small "TV Studio" (i.e. a backdrop and a camera!) where we'll be looking at creating a range of video content for subscribers. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!


Tim Parkin

On Landscape is part of Landscape Media Limited , a company registered in England and Wales . Registered Number: 07120795. Registered Office: 1, Clarke Hall Farm, Aberford Road, WF1 4AL. Midge Specs, midge net glasses from the Highlands.