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We try and get everything right but as most people know it's pretty hard. What we try even harder to do is to make it right when it goes wrong so please get in touch if you have a problem.

Either call us on 01855 811799,  email us on info@onlandscape.co.uk or send us a letter (really!) at Landscape Media Ltd, Mheall Mhor, Brecklet, Ballachulish, Argyll, PH49 4JG.


In order to subscribe to the magazine for free or paid subscriptions you should use the register page first. Once you have registered, visit the subscribe page and the paypal links for the different types of subscription will be shown.

You can use Paypal or Stripe via our submissions system. However you don't have to use either, we can take cheques, bank transfer or credit cards (online or over the phone) as payment.

Get in touch with us at payments@onlandscape.co.uk or phone 01430 827408

If you have a paypal/stripe account you can login and find the recurring payment and suspend or cancel it. If you don't have a paypal/stripe account, please contact us with your email address (you can find it on the paypal receipts) and we will cancel it for you.

Yes! The payment arrangements with Paypal and Stripe will auto-renew until cancelled.

The magazine is published approximately every two weeks depending on content and we try to get 24 issues a year with a 'holiday' at Christmas/New Year and in Autumn where our editor takes a family holiday (at the insistence of his wife).

For as long as you have an active subscription you get access to all of the content on the website.

We release articles for an issue spread out over the two weeks that the issue is published in. At the end of the two weeks we start preparing the PDF version of the magazine (which we're starting to produce in the new year) which will include some of the best comments. The PDF will be released two weeks later. This might seem odd for a 'periodical' magazine but gives us more flexibility and hopefully keeps you interested in the website!

Not all of the articles on our website are paid for by subscription. Some content is free if you simply register but other content is completely free. You can tell free content because it will have a small flag next to it; green for fully free and gold for for content which is free if you simply register for an account.

No, your password is never stored as plain text on our servers. Your password is 'encoded' using a one way mathematical function (Blowfish Hash) and the answer to this is stored on the server. When you log in we take the password you entered and apply the same function to see if the results match.

When you register for an account we create a temporary, secure password for you which we send you by email. Once you login with this password you account is activated and we suggest you set your own password.

The only way a person would be able to use get to this email is they had managed to get access to your internet connection and the only risk would be that they would have access to your email and name.

However 'man in the middle' attacks (where someone can get between you and the website you are accessing) such as this are very rare and are usually associated with industrial espionage or authoritarian states spying on their citizens.

Although we've had a few reports of missing images the problem seems to be intermittent. If you do see some blanks that will not appear even if you refresh the page, please let us know which page and we'll look into it.

We have seen a problem on the iPad where some images don't appear which we believe is due to a maximum total size of images you can have on one page - obviously we have quite hi-res images and this may cause a problem. We're looking into this to try to find a way to resolve.

You can sign up to, or unsubscribe from, the email newsletter at the Email Newsletter page.

Our videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel, where our webinars and free videos are uploaded. Our paid for videos are embedded within the article, allowing you to watch real time.

Yes you can buy a subscription to OnLandscape outside the UK. You can subscribe using PayPal, bank transfer or cheque. Please get in touch if you have any questions about subcribing.

Yes you can buy a gift subscription. Please contact us on subscriptions@onlandscape.co.uk, with the email address you are buying the subscription for, along with their preferred user name and we will set that up for you. Payments can be taken via PayPay, bank transfer or cheque.

Once you subscribe using PayPal, your subscription will be automatically renewed.  You can amend and upgrade or cancel your subscription should you wish.

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