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Christmas Update

What's been cooking?

Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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We thought christmas was a good opportunity to thank everyone of you who has supported the new venture by taking out a paid subscription, a free subscription or just by visiting and maybe talking about the magazine. We've had a wonderful start and have exceeded the 'ad-hoc' projections we had made. We've also had a bucketload of supportive feedback so thanks to all of you who raised your voices.

We have had a couple of set backs to what we must admit was an ambitious goal of one issue every two weeks, the main one being a pile of existing work from the Tim's 'old career' that needed addressing and also the failure of his beloved campervan which has meant the lack of location guides (doubly frustrating as the campervan was bought to ensure landscape access during cold weather conditions, being imported from Hokkaido in Japan - it obviously didn't like the tropical November Cornish air as it blew a cylinder head gasket on the way back. Actually it was a bust radiator so we can't blame the van completely).

The good news is that nearly all of the existing work has been cleared up and the New Year offers a schedule dedicated to the magazine (although a 2 day per week visit to the real employment world limits things a little). This means more locations guides, better marketing and more articles - the goal of which is to have the magazine to support a full time work load by the summer.

For those who are thinking of contributing, we really hope you do and we are trying to make it as easy and accessible as possible. We would really like to be able to use your work in our 'subscriber' section, this ensure your work will only be seen by dedicated landscape photographers. However, if you wish to ensure your writing gets as wide a publication as possible (or don't wish to contribute your work to line our pockets.. although you should see our pockets before you think that) then we can put work up as only accessible to free subscribers OR only available to free subscribers for a couple of months and then made freely accessible OR just freely accessible from day one! The magazine obviously needs to "wash it's face" financially at some point but it is also fully intended to be a platform for landscape photographers to have a voice in their own community.

So - thank your support and for bearing with us in the early issues, we hope the magazine can grow in both circulation and quality in the new year.

Tim Parkin (and on behalf of Joe Cornish)

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