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Living a Visual Life

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I approach things mostly by intuition, but when I feel that a photographic opportunity may be present, or when I feel a desire to make a photograph, I slow down and consider consciously what possibilities and visual components are available to me, and may come up with ideas that were not originally obvious. more

Photography for Local Campaigning

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Last year we had a spate of planning applications in the Glen Etive/Rannoch Moor area. Firstly the King’s House hotel was sold to the Black Corrie’s Estate and, with a lease to Crieff Hydro negotiated, a rebuild of the newer part of the King's House was proposed. The design was disliked by most more

Compare and Contrast

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I guess this analytical approach stuck because as I look at these two photographs by Finn Hopson, I can’t help but react in exactly the same way. They both have the same subject – woodland scenes with mist and fog. They are structured very similarly – strong verticals bisected by flowing horizontals. But their mood is completely different. more

Passing Through – Mark Banks

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Back in January, Mark was in between two workshops he as running based in Kentallen. This village is on the coastal road from Ballachulish to Oban and approximately 25 minutes from Glencoe. Tim and Mark met at the Joe Cornish Gallery when Tim had just started using his large format camera and since then Mark has transitioned from using large format to digital photography. In this podcast, Mark talks about how and why he transitioned from large format, more


Mud & Sand

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This project began several years ago when I first noticed the notation ‘Mud & Sand’ on an OS map of the Bristol Channel. I couldn’t work out why these beaches should be so muddy and I was curious to find out what they looked like. more

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    on On Autumn

    Thank you so much, Michelle. Glad you found it Yes, autumn. I don't know about you but at least I've found the weeks are once again going by more slowly than they were these past few decades.

    - Timothy Floyd, 10:15 12th Mar

    on The Path Towards Expression – part 2

    Thanks for the article Rafael. I was wondering if you see a difference between Personal Expression and Creativity. Minor White, in a discussion of his photography course used at the California School of Fine Arts, talks of Expressive meaning - the photographer had learned what he had to say and [...]

    - Paul O'Flanagan, 10:15 12th Mar

    on Mud & Sand

    Thank you James for sharing some of your thinking behind a great set of images. Inevitably the subject tends to get a bad press, but you have documented it in a very striking manner with a set of images that are both striking and, dare I say it, beautiful.

    - Derrick Golland, 10:15 12th Mar

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