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Earth Stands Still

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Nils Karlson’s photography mines a popular seam of creativity, the liquid horizon. That unearthly split between liquid and gaseous holds a mirror up to light, weather and flow. Many photographers have approached the theme (e.g. Sugimoto, Fabien Baron, etc) and   Continue reading → more


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    on End frame: “Below South Crofty” by Jem Southam

    I'm glad one of Jem Southam's beautiful and understated images has finally been chosen as an 'End Frame'. His work has great narrative power yet, as you say, it is not at all in the mould of the 'classic' landscape image. Love this photograph so thanks for taking us through it [...]

    - Julian Barkway, 09:51 5th Nov

    on Finding the forest when lost amongst the trees

    Great article illustrated by beautiful images. There's no easy answer is there - practice, practice, practice to learn to see and then learn and practice post-processing to tranlsate the vision into a tangible print. Sounds simple.... :) Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

    - Adam Pierzchala, 17:17 4th Nov

    on In Search of Colour

    Thanks so much for this Tim. Just beginning to play with this and really liking the results so far. I will need to tweak WB as for me colours are too warm but the separation takes care of the digital muddiness very nicely. I am certainly keen to try any other [...]

    - Simon Gulliver, 09:25 3rd Nov

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