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| Posted Fleet Mill Lane holloway - Phil Hemsley

Ensconced by high earthen walls and a canopy of trees for a roof, I wander through the ancient sunken holloways of Devon. These are powerful portals into deep time, where the echoes of the old world seem palpable. more


In place

| Posted Christoph Geiss - Bushy point

Living in “the Land of the Free”, we haven’t really been under a “lockdown”. Nevertheless, at some point, our governor encouraged us to stay at home, and my College has been closed since mid-March. I more

Noise Reduction

| Posted Guy Tal - Noise Reduction 10

As noisy as our world is today, it is likely to get noisier still in the years ahead. Merchants of noise—those who profit from noise—are no longer just minor inconveniences, they are enormously powerful media machines. more

Escaping Oblivion

| Posted Konstantinos Vasilakis 3

The emotional and psychological uplifting, the mental elevation you will feel when you find that true connection with your subject is far superior to the ephemeral appraisal of a well-constructed image that will be forgotten in the oblivion most photographers live in today. more

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