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The Label

| Posted Rafael Rojas ~Fern revolution - Spain

A single word, a label, can narrowly define the whole life of an artist, directing not only the audience into a single way of understanding and experiencing his or her work, but also shaping the artist himself. more

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    on It Depends

    Hi Guy, Another nicely argued article. It would be really interesting if you could say a few words about your expressive intent for one or more of the images in this article. This would give us an insight to what you were thinking at the point of capture. It would also [...]

    - Peter Stevens, 20:22 25th Feb

    on Flow States and the Art of Consciousness Cycling

    An interesting book that may contradict some standard psycho babble and also support some is 'The Evolution of Imagination' by Stephen Asma, an improvisational jazz musician.

    - David Cary, 13:25 24th Feb

    on On Exhibitions

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic, Rafael, you make excellent points. I very much enjoy your writing as well as your photos.

    - chris murray, 12:25 24th Feb

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