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To first search for an interesting place to visit and then try to catch the essence by photographing it really strengthens my experience of nature and gives me the drive to get out there. more


Biblioscapes Reviews


A brief background to Biblioscapes. It is a lockdown side project I started back in April 2020 as a way of sharing a selection of the photobooks I own, offering people an opportunity to view the books as flick-through videos. more

Humans at Work


In the early 1980s, I graduated from Edinburgh University with an honours degree in Environmental Chemistry. My final year research dissertation examined chemical processes involved in the destruction of the ozone layer. I never went on to pursue a scientific career because, back then, environmentalism really wasn’t taken seriously and there were very few jobs that weren’t about trying to keep the big polluters just about on the right side of the law. more

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    on Being Explored by the Landscape

    I have found myself returning to your article and images Theodor, firstly because the images are reminiscent of many of my own and secondly because I think your response to your own images are giving voice to my own feelings and experiences. Thank you for sharing both images and words.

    - Derrick Sansome, 04:58 yesterday

    on Being Explored by the Landscape

    Theodor,Your wonderful introspective article and soft, muted, and personal pictures were immensely enjoyable. Moreover, your story of how you got more and more into photography resonated with my own story. Thanks for sharing. You just inspired me to share my story some time. Thanks for that too. Dipak

    - Dipak Chowdhury, 04:19 12th May

    on The Dreaded Scottish Midge

    A good article. This will be our first summer living in the Highlands and I just wondered if you have any further conclusions on the best repellents?

    - Ria Smith, 07:24 9th May

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