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Fragile Paradise

| Black Ice

As polar landscapes, white, black, and blue colors are dominant, and many motifs are also characterized by monochrome simplicity. Minimalism lets vacancies arise, which offers a range for the imagination. more


That Other Landscape

| Flyer That Other Landscape

‘That Other Landscape’ is a rare collaboration of three creative Scottish Landscape Photographers showcasing their work in a touring exhibition. The aim is to find out if there can be a space within the ‘art world’ for photography to share the walls as a variant medium rather than a foreign entity. Photography will always be exhibited in galleries but rarely alongside paintings, sculpture, installations etc. and often only as a body of work, sharing a message or story as a more

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    on Converting to CMYK

    Some good advice here! I didn't know that the rendering intent should be set to "relative colorimetric" for CMYK conversions. So far, I always used "perceptual" since "relative colorimetric" caused an unwanted increase in contrast and made the pictures appear darker in soft proofing (using Fogra39). On the other hand, I [...]

    - Thomas Rink, 06:23 8th Jun

    on The Jawbone and the Element of Surprise

    I've often found stopping for a rest while out walking (or even just stopping for a pee) has enabled me to spot a photograph I'd have otherwise missed. By choice I always walk quite slowly while out with my camera rucksack, but that's still not enough to spot many potential [...]

    - Jon Marks, 19:27 7th Jun

    on Jesse Brown Nelson – Portrait of a Photographer

    great article and wonderful photos. That ,,rocks in the mist” photograph is one of the best landscape photos I have seen in recent years. I remember the first time seeing it on IG and how I was blown away by it. I am glad to read about the author and his [...]

    - Jan Bainar, 18:32 2nd Jun

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