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David Ward Exhibition Talks

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A couple of weeks back I visited the Joe Cornish gallery to give a talk, along with Joe Cornish and Lizzie Shepherd, at David Ward's exhibition, "Overlooked". The exhibition itself is fantastic and is well worth a visit but just in case you missed the talks, we recorded them all for posterity. We are publishing the talks in reverse order though as David's exhibition runs until the 14th of December and we're hoping that seeing the talk will convince more

Art and Flow in Photography

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There is no doubt in my mind that practising photography with the attitudes and conditions conducive to flow—making it deliberately difficult, challenging, stretching one’s abilities and imagination, requiring prolonged focused engagement and consuming as much attention as one can muster—can make photography as rewarding to an artist as any other pursuit practiced with the same mindset. more


I never expected that

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It is this process of going back to Yew Tree Tarn many times and allowing myself to see the same trees, the same grasslands and experience the transition of the seasons, that firmly placed seeds in my mind that gradually germinated and flourished into latent photographs. more


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The quarries have left a profound impression on me. They undoubtedly reinforce many questions on a wide range of issues including beauty, greed, consumerism, society, environment and personal responsibility. more

Norway Trip Report

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During our last Meeting of Minds conference, one of our regular visitors, Trym Ivar Bergsmo, said to us “Would you like to come and stay with us in Norway sometime and allow me to show you around?” As both Charlotte and I are more of the cold climes holidaymakers rather than the beach and cocktails sort, this caught our interest immediately but in the frantic conference conditions, it slipped our minds. We checked that Trym was still amenable more

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    on I never expected that

    A very pleasant reading, and the images are superb, especially knowing that you immerse yourself in the ambient and made them with no popular expectations. Thanks, Paul!

    - Fabio Rage, 15:21 yesterday

    on Behind the Photograph

    Wow! I really enjoyed this interview. Charlie is so candid about how he approaches photography. I like how he describes that he is still always searching for a better way to organize and optimize the way he works and sees. It sounds like it will never end. And of course, the [...]

    - John Roias, 15:21 yesterday

    on Norway Trip Report

    What a spot. Nice to see Lofoten afresh. Gorgeous light throughout.

    - Tommy Weir, 17:49 5th Dec

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