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Graduated Filter Test – Part Five

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It was pointed out by a couple of readers that I’d missed a couple of tests that they would have liked to have seen. These were a ‘scratch resistance’ test and a vignetting test. Whilst I didn’t foresee these changing the results really, I was keen to include them. I also promised a short video on each filter to demonstrate some of the usability issues I’d talked about in the last issue. Skip this section if you just want more


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The primary intention of the work is to interrogate the effects of human intervention on the dynamics of our atmosphere using the tools of expressive photography. ‘Torfskeri’ is an Old Norse name for the iron tool for cutting peat. more


Buried in the Rocks

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On the afternoon of the 2nd of February 2018, I witnessed an accident which truly shaped my practice as a photographer. This incident, which will forever hold a place in my mind, had a strong influence on a recent project - ‘Buried in the Rocks’ and became the first location I shot for the project. more

Skye – Away from the Madding Crowds

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Living as we do in Ballachulish, we often hear news from the Isles, and particularly Skye, that they are overcrowded with tourists. It reached a fever pitch last year with CNN Travel listing Skye as one of their places to “avoid” and the police “advised visitors to stay away unless they had already booked places to stay”. So when we were approached by Jakub Bors, landscape photographer and operations manager of the Skeabost hotel on Skye, about possibly more

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    on The quests of landscape photography

    Hi Theodor, Great article! I agree that landscape photography is way too much about showing beauty. The same recipe across the board. This way of depiction is very predictable and most images end up looking more or less the same. Personally I am totally fed up looking at sunsets.

    - Hans Strand, 10:14 21st May

    on A Day at the Seaside

    Hi Adam, It was indeed a real joy. I have to say though that I didn't remember myself agreeing to go to Lamorna ;-) The honour is completely on the rest of the group! Indeed an enjoyable read and it made me relive that, in hindsight, absolutely fantastic day. (The third [...]

    - Eelco Scheer, 10:14 21st May

    on The quests of landscape photography

    Hi Theodor! Thanks for some interesting thoughts. And very nice pictures!

    - Krister Berg, 10:14 21st May

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