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The Quiet

| Posted

These 4 images form part of a larger series of images and probably my favourites so far. The project initially started without any intent, and after venturing out in similar conditions, a collection of images started to come together. more

In need of a narrative

| Posted

If you're reading this then you're probably a disciple of the quest to explore nature in all its forms; hiking, discovering, conquering and escaping into mindfulness. We would argue there's a human need for photographing in these places. We want to sometimes tame them and idealise them, set ourselves a compositional challenge and bend the location to our will. It's about unearthing something unseen, to create surprises, offering a wider acknowledgement that our own way of seeing is unique more

Foto Fest 2019

| Posted

Fotospeed has announced that they will be hosting Foto Fest 2019 as the festival heads into its fourth year. The festival brings together 4 talented photographers to deliver talks about the inspirations, techniques, and stories behind their images. more

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    on A Question of Meaning

    Interesting to see how our images evolve over the years as I seem to go through a questioning process every 2-3 years and then find my new groove. In my current phase of photography I was only taking an picture to 'tell a story' but still found myself taking pictures [...]

    - Jim Hackley, 12:54 yesterday

    on A Question of Meaning

    Thank you, Dean, I'm happy the article resonated with you. I certainly don't have all the answers, but writing articles like this help me to work through these types of questions myself.

    - chris murray, 14:39 24th Jun

    on A Question of Meaning

    A fantastic article, Chris! Very well written, and for me also well-timed as I'm working on some writings about meaning in art. It's also encouraging to me to read such thoughtful discussions about photography as a medium for art and expression. It's a welcome rarity these days. My gratitude to you, [...]

    - Guy Tal, 14:38 24th Jun

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