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Photographic Projects

| Davidobrien

The idea of photographic projects, bodies of work that are related through geography, subject matter or ideas, have been promoted by most photography practitioners as a way of developing your vision and making your work more meaningful. more


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    on Photographic Projects

    Some really high class inspirational images here, thanks for sharing them Tim.

    - Adam Pierzchala, 17:51 22nd Jan

    on The Magic of the Forest

    Thank you so much Lizzie, I really appreciate your comments. I am sure this is the wood you remember. I hope you get the chance to go back as its a wonderful place to explore.

    - Gill Moon, 06:35 19th Jan

    on The Magic of the Forest

    "The wood is somewhere that has had a profound effect on me since I first visited in 2018. It has shaped my art and has provided me with a peaceful natural refuge to explore with my camera." ... and it shows in your work, Gill. The emotion is there. Woodlands do [...]

    - Barry Edge, 21:19 17th Jan

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