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    on In Turner’s Footsteps

    That's a really good point, photography does tend to draw, creatively, from other photography which i've always felt was a strange, self imposed limitation. Perhaps it's not always easy to deconstruct other art and make the correlation to how it can be adapted into photography, which i sympathise with; it's not [...]

    - alexhare, 10:53 today

    on Fairy tales of woodlands

    Your last shot is particlarly atompheric and ethereal Claudio, love it - keep up the good work :-)

    - cheryl hamer, 10:53 today

    on After All This Time

    This also speaks to me too. I have lived in the New Forest since I was a kid, but have never found it inspiring to photograph. I did start trying last autumn with not a lot of success (to me anyway) but I think I will look again not with [...]

    - Judy Sharrock, 12:08 14th Mar

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