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Memories of Water

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I am fascinated by water in the landscape: seas, rivers and ice/snow-scapes.These four images explore some recent encounters with moving water using ICM as a creative aide. They are intimate landscapes which is my preferred approach to landscape photography. more


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The idea of travelling far and wide for stunning experiences and landscapes has long been an uncomfortable contradiction for me and the majority of my photography has, for the last few years, focussed on creating the best possible landscape photos within Kent, where I live more


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    on Lockdown Podcast #4

    Just catching up with this now, and am flicking through the Maeda book. Plate 55, "Moon upon a lake", has to be one of the most gorgeous colour moonrise photographs I've ever seen. And, as you say, the book has a distinctively Japanese aesthetic to it somehow. Brilliantly [...]

    - David Fearn, 08:46 22nd May

    on Lockdown Project

    Lizzie - I thought your tulip series was so hauntingly, wistfully, beautiful. I hope we get to see a reprise with the light box!

    - Ian Meades, 08:46 22nd May

    on Lockdown Project

    Thank you Lizzie. Not so much Harris gin in my case, but that glass of Jura single malt in my image did not go to waste either!

    - Ed Hannam, 08:22 20th May

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