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Paul Kenny and Doug Chinnery

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We’ve got a couple of books to review in this issue, both by Kozu and both authors have been featured in On Landscape. Paul Kenny's creations with saltwater, flotsam and jetsam are both fascinating and exquisitely crafted. Doug Chinnery has no secret of the fact that his photography has been influenced by Paul Kenny’s artworks (amongst others). more


Quiver Trees

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On a camping and photo tour of South Africa’s North Cape State (North West on the Atlantic and South of Namibia) I spent several nights in the part of the Richtersveld National Park that is home to Quiver Trees (Aloidendron dichotomum). more

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    on My Favourite Image

    A wonderful image indeed Adam!

    - Paul Gallagher, 07:48 21st Aug

    on Ditching Graduated Filters

    I'd quite happily dump the graduated filters if my version of Lightroom supported exposure blending but I think that's in the next up version which is now subscription only, so I'm stuck with the filters.

    - Anthony Shaughnessy, 10:05 16th Aug

    on The Myth of Universal Colour

    Can't beleive I missed this comment. My problem wasn't with the absolute colour of the P45+ which you can always post process. It was with the relative colours for specific substances. Take a picture which includes agricultural greens and tree greens in late summer and the P45+ will not really differentiate [...]

    - Tim Parkin, 10:05 16th Aug

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