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The Rise and Rise of the Photo-Book

| Posted Iain Sarjeant 3


With so much new material flooding our consciousness and social media streams vying for our attention, I thought it might be good to take a step back and look at the whole landscape photo book industry. Continue reading

Endframe: ‘Four trees, Rannoch Moor’ 1981 By Fay Godwin

| Posted Four trees, Rannoch Moor


When I received Charlotte’s email asking me to consider writing an End Frame article for On Landscape a swirl of photographs immediately began to spin as if in a washing machine in my mind. Continue reading

Train Window Landscapes

| Posted Golden Fields


I spend every day commuting into London, frustrated looking out of the train windows at the moods of the Chilterns.  So I decided to see what I could do with my ever present iPhone and a few apps, notably SlowShutter   Continue reading

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Frank Gohlke Interview

| Posted Frank-Gohlke-388

Terrain magazine have an interview with author and photographer Frank Gohlke (Wikipedia). Gohlke always has something interesting to say and you can read another interview at the Smithsonian magazine and a video interview on You Tube of the accommodating nature exhibition. /via Terrain.org

Hyper Arid Landscapes

| Posted George-Steinmetz

For the past fifteen years, National Geographic photographer, George Steinmetz, has been photographing many of the world’s “hyperarid” regions as part of an upcoming book, called Desert Air. A video /via Faded and Blurred

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    on Jan Bainar

    Excellent work from a seemingly very mature young photographer!

    - Adam Pierzchala, 23:28 15th Jan

    on It Takes Two

    Colleen, thank you for such a stimulating, thought provoking and practical article. I love the ideas you propose and will give this much thought (and practice). Your images are inspirational too. Thank you.

    - Doug Chinnery, 22:35 15th Jan

    on New Venture

    Some beautiful work Matt and many thanks for the shout out!

    - Colin Bell, 16:32 12th Jan

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