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Liquid photography

| Posted Rafael Rojas - Liquid Photography 3

This same fast paced culture of immediacy, speed and acceleration have also shaped not only the way we photograph but also the way we consume photography and the motivations and aspirations we have of the medium when we embrace it. more

Unique Photography Collaboration

| Posted

Explaining the light is always the hardest thing to teach as a workshop leader. Interpreting it as a photographer is even more difficult. But there’s safety in numbers. There’s strength in unity, and depth can be achieved if we commit to an idea. If we bind together and unite behind a concept, the sum of the parts is always much greater. Cooperation, commitment, reaching out to a wider community is what drives the IrishLight Collection concept. The setting is the more


Shona Grant

& | Posted

There’s been a resurgence in interest in artists’ books among landscape photographers recently. There is too the possibility that the book itself can become a thing of beauty and it’s been a pleasure to see the images that Shona Grant has been sharing of her creations. more

The Humanless Condition

| Posted Guy Tal ~ The Humanless Condition 2

For an introvert, it is likely that the quality and experience of photography may be impeded by the not-uncommon tendency to practice photography in groups, or in places where escaping the presence, chatter, and behaviour of others is difficult. more

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    on Woodland Seasons

    I love Daniel's image of the bluebell wood. I've almost stopped looking for Bluebell images because they all look like cliches, but Daniel has captured the allure of being in an atmospheric place at a certain time of day. The bluebells just add to the overall picture rather than being the [...]

    - harpon66, 07:51 today

    on Norfolk

    Good one, Ruth. Excellent images to accompany a text that makes the place so inviting. I'd love to photograph Norfolk because it is so different to the Highlands, to which I belong.

    - Donald MacKenzie, 07:51 today

    on Just breathe

    Great images Roman. Good to see photos from my neighborhood too! I used to live in Pully... near Gruyères now. The lake Geneva is indeed a wonderful place to photograph and breathe, like you well say. Regards. Rafael.

    - Rafael Rojas, 07:51 today

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