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Any Questions, with special guest David Ward

, & | Any Questions Title Davidward

Welcome to the sixth episode of our "Any Questions" series, where hosts Joe Cornish and Tim Parkin delve into the questions you've submitted. This month's guest was David Ward, and we had a bunch of questions about his thoughts about the curse of the masterpiece, the transition from film to digital, what style means in photography, how the art world perceives landscape photography and much more. more

The Road Not Taken

| No14 Cappella Dei Morti St Gotthard

Walking remains a relatively cheap way of travelling (depending on how far you need to pay for accommodation if walking long distances) but takes time. While the slow speed is an advantage for the photographer, taking the camera for a walk also has some disadvantages. more


Fragile Paradise

| Black Ice

As polar landscapes, white, black, and blue colors are dominant, and many motifs are also characterized by monochrome simplicity. Minimalism lets vacancies arise, which offers a range for the imagination. more

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    on Exploration and Remembrance in Southwestern Oklahoma

    You have me interested in that area, but my study will be limited to what I can read and to what I see of others' work. Out of conscience I photograph almost exclusively what I can walk, bicycle, or canoe to from home. I do piggyback photography onto unavoidable longer distance [...]

    - Mark Jennings, 13:52 13th Jun

    on That Other Landscape

    Love the top shot by DYLAN NARDINI :) of the tree double exposure ?

    - Dylan Garcia, 19:52 9th Jun

    on The Jawbone and the Element of Surprise

    Thank you Jon. I believe photography is actually less about what is in front of us, and more about what's inside of us. Nature is mostly a cue, a trigger to access those inner images.

    - Theodor Paues, 08:04 9th Jun

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