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Church Meadow

| Dsc1861

This article concerns my long-lasting love affair with a wild meadow next to where I live. Church Meadow lies next to the River Brett in Suffolk. The river meanders through the mid Suffolk countryside, past unspoilt medieval wool villages like Kettlebaston, Chelsworth & Kersey before joining the River Stour on the Essex border in ‘Constable Country’. The river is bordered along much of its route by water meadows. Meadows like more

End frame: PIA19952: The Rich Color Variations of Pluto’ by New Horizons

| Jpegpia19952.width 1600

Picking a photo for Endframe was exquisite torture. There isn’t a photographer I revere above all others. (There are too many to choose from!) Or even one particular favourite ‘go-to’ photo. (Ditto!) And don’t get me started on locations; I could happily wile away an afternoon looking at great landscape images from anywhere on the planet. Thinking about it, I could happily wile away an afternoon looking at great photos on any subject, not just landscapes. Can you see how more

Cote d’Opale

| Dscf5048

I followed Google maps south-wards finding the coast just below Calais in France within a short 4 hour drive. Here the first cliffs shape the coastal landscape bringing rocks, pebbles and bunkers from the Atlantikwall. more


Natural Landscape Photographer of the Year 2023

| M2 R4.0 V2.50

The Natural Landscape Photography Awards 2023 finished it’s judging just over a week ago and I’m really happy with how everything went. <chatgpt: insert superlative about landscape photographs> Exquisitely captured, this stunning collection of landscape photographs transports viewers on an awe-inspiring journey through nature's most breathtaking vistas, evoking an unparalleled sense of wonder and serenity.</chatgpt> <chatgpt: insert sentence about how great the organisers and judges were> I am absolutely elated and overjoyed by the seamless and successful judging of the more

A Little Piece of Eden

| 2021 No5

Throughout those 25 years and the transition from film to digital, I have found myself coming back again and again to a small reach upstream of the bridge to Shoregill, where the river tumbles over a short series of low, moss-covered, limestone rock steps. more

History of Art and Landscape – Part Four

| Claude C Face Half

Continuing our look at the history of landscape, I was looking for the next significant artists or art after the Dutch Golden Age, which I talked about in the previous article. In most of the books on art that I’ve seen, Claude ‘Lorrain’ Gellée gets mentioned repeatedly as the artist who raised landscape painting up to be considered a significant art form and who gets ‘rediscovered’ during the romantic period by Constable, Gainsborough, Turner, etc. If you'd like to take more

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    on End frame: Laurent Kronental « Souvenir d’un Futur »

    Hi Elliott, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this photo and on the wider project this photo is part of. I didn't know Knonental's work and I think his idea of photographing those ugly buildings in Paris suburbs, from both the inside and the outside (I'm referring to his other project about [...]

    - Francesco Carovillano, 18:04 15th Nov

    on History of Art and Landscape – Part Four

    Hello Tim, Yes! Thanks for this piece. Through it I've discovered the series. Painters have been onto landscape for thousands of years, so there's a lot to enjoy and learn from. Baroque painting to me means the first thorough exploration of movement around the frame and in and out of depth. Even [...]

    - Mark Jennings, 18:10 14th Nov

    on History of Art and Landscape – Part Four

    For those of us not steeped in any sort of art history these articles are really informative Tim. I’m sure there’s a lot of work in compiling them but thank you.

    - Geoff Kell, 15:03 13th Nov

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