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    on The West Coast

    I absolutely love the Scottish North West too! My dream is to sometime (when retired) live there. Not only because of the landscapes (and certainly not because of the midges ;-) ), but also for the people. Beautiful images (I know most of those places).

    - Carlo Didier, 09:21 yesterday

    on Daniel Bergmann

    What a fabulous set of images! Daniel has been such a wonderful inspiration for my photography. I have been on tours with him several times since 2011 and can easily see the progression of my composition as a result.

    - Ed Lark, 09:21 yesterday

    on Phone Photos

    Excellent article Mark which reflects my own experience. Six months ago I needed to buy a new phone. At the same time I was about to buy a new pocketable camera to have with me most of the time. But I had the foresight to combine my two needs by buying [...]

    - Steve Gledhill, 09:21 yesterday

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