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Keeper Images

| Posted Curiosity - Latourell Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Often going back to view them several times more before moving on to the next issue. Many of these keepers were as fresh on the fifth or tenth view as the original view. Prompting me to dig deeper and find out why these keepers stay so well preserved across so many viewings. more

Simon Baxter

& | Posted

You could say that including Simon Baxter as a featured photographer is thanks for saving me from a long stay in London when the Beast from the East shut down all travel north of Yorkshire. But then again, he seemed happy with the cup of coffee and a bit of cake, so perhaps it's more likely because his photography has a consistent and creative vision of the world which he explores and shares so well through his YouTube videos more


The Challenge of Habitat

| Posted Challenge of Habitat _ Nils Leonhardt _ 1

Nature has the last call when the beauty of a landscape unravels. A photographer can thus only develop pure patience after understanding this fact. The outdoors have been calling my soul since I can recall. And in view of these odd Corona days, I came to realise how gifted I was. more

Rocks, Trees

| Posted

I find images that are ambiguous, enigmatic and with a surprise element particularly interesting. My selection approach is simply that they 'catch my eye' and of course the overwhelming majority simply do not work as expected when reviewed later on screen. more

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    on Simon Baxter

    Well done Simon, you have put a lot of hard work in and I believe your continued better health is the benefit.

    - Peter Little, 14:38 yesterday

    on Not According to Plan…

    David thanks for the story. I grew up in Flagstaff in the 70's and 80's and we thought of this area as our backyard. A shame to hear it is so difficult to access now. I remember my brother visiting Antelope Canyon with just vague instructions and his 4x4. Now it [...]

    - Douglas Morse, 14:38 yesterday

    on Is Pictorialism a dirty word?

    Excellent essay, Andrew! Just a couple of notes: the "fuzzy wuzzy" characterization was not made by Group f/64 but by William Mortensen—one of the greatest pictorialists in American photography. He used it to mock his fellow pictorialists who relied on this effect alone to generate interest, rather than striving to make [...]

    - Guy Tal, 11:12 16th Nov

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