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Echoes of the Great War

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In April 2016, Peter's exhibition "Echos of the Great War " opened at Weston Park in Sheffield and marked 100 years since the Battle of the Somme. Peter’s Great Uncle William Wyatt Bagshawe fought and died in the Somme and through retracing the footsteps of his great uncle, he took black and white photographs as the land as it is now. Suggesting the terrain of the frontline through details and abstractions. more


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The moment the opportunity arose where I was able to visit Yosemite, I grabbed it with both hands and seized the chance. There was something about the place that had enticed me for decades, namely the work of Ansel Adams that had me transfixed to his books in a college library at the age of sixteen whilst working as a photography student. more


Trees of Concord

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The gradual lifting of lockdown and the turbulence of the current political climate has allowed and driven me to wander about the old fields and woodlands of my neighbouring town of Concord, Massachusetts to visit some old friends. more

The Enchanted Forest

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Some wild places have the power to captivate all who visit them, not because they have unrivalled views or superior scenery but because they instil in the visitor a sense of wonder and awe. Staverton Thicks in Suffolk is one such place. more

Lockdown Podcast #10

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Just before the New Year, Joe David and I recorded a podcast on the concept of "Truth to Nature". It's an idea that has its seeds in the romantic era of landscape painting when John Ruskin, a massively influential art critic and artist of the time, encouraged painters to closely observe the landscape and in doing so capture the natural world as truthfully as possible. The idea then has its echoes in an essay "A Plea for Straight Photography" more

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    on The Trees in my Photographs

    Thank you for sharing these very personal experiences and this wonderful series of photographs. Your photos are always full of subtle and ethereal beauty and speak to me very much.

    - Alexandra Wesche, 18:54 17th Jan

    on Lockdown Podcast #10

    Oh, and one minor clarification. The photo of the flag raising on Iwo Jima was not a reenactment. But it was of the second flag raising, so there was some time for planning. The operations commander felt the first flag was too small, so he sent a detachment [...]

    - Timothy Floyd, 01:21 13th Jan

    on Lockdown Podcast #10

    Great discussion on a topic of interest to me. I don't make a living off my landscape photography, but I do post to my website and other sites, and I enter competitions for sport. It would be very difficult to define which digital tools are allowed in landscape photography [...]

    - Timothy Floyd, 09:03 12th Jan

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