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Kebnekaise Mountains

| Lm03

We spent a week in the Kebnekaise mountains. Here you'll find Sweden's highest and most well-known peak, Giebmegáisi. When people in the early twentieth century realised that this was the highest mountain in the country, tourists started finding their way to the area. more


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    on Rush Oak Field Camera

    I have greatly appreciated your article and the work that went into creating this camera. I am greatly fascinated with field cameras for landscape but am an impatient digital user. I have often looked into digital field systems but the cost always puts me off. I am a Sony shooter and [...]

    - James Johnston, 20:00 19th Sep

    on The Experience is All

    Thank you very much, Dipak! I don't recognize the exact quote, but you will find the same sentiment in the writings of many creative thinkers and artists. One of my favorites, by Alfred Stieglitz: "For that is the power of the camera: seize the familiar and give it new meanings, a [...]

    - Guy Tal, 12:31 19th Sep

    on Benches in the Landscape

    An intriguing set of images Adrian,in that they are very relatable. You’ve managed to convey the beauty of the locations so well to, the images in soft, overcast light bringing a sense of calm. Personally, I have quite a strong association with rural beaches, in that I often use them as [...]

    - John Dominick, 06:31 13th Sep

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