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Project European Canyons

| Tb Canyons 10

The unknown of European canyons was one of the main reasons for me to start a new book project on this subject a few years ago, besides my fascination for (the power of) flowing water, my interest in mountains, rocks and geology and my love for rough, unspoilt nature. more



| Radu Patrascu 4x4 Frozen (1)

Abstract, simple, graphic images are the ones that attract me the most during winter photography, as the textures, shapes, light and tones nature offers to make for an exquisite subject in terms of visual characteristics. more

Texas Water

| Eric Sweeney Sonora

For most of the history of Texas, surface water has been rare. However, huge underground aquifers cover 80% of the state. Windmills drive the pumps that bring the water up for the crops and the cattle. more

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    on Save Yourself

    Thank you, Guy for such a great article. Very insightful! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although thanks to your previous article, I was already familiar with the attitude of disinterestedness, I found particularly interested the way you summarized it in a part of this article. When I was a young teenager, my father [...]

    - Francesco Carovillano, 13:58 30th Jul

    on Past Masters and expressive photography

    I have read all 3 parts of articles and cant thank you enough for opening new doors for me. This has been some of the best reading for me and extremely enjoyable. The thought that has gone in to creating it is amazing. well done Francesco. Kindest regards, Lewis

    - lewis phillips, 01:48 28th Jul

    on Woodland Sanctuary Exhibition by Joe Cornish and Simon Baxter

    Wonderful images and well worth a visit ..... seeing them as big prints is revelatory - woodland images really benefit as they are often all about subtlety and the delicate interactions of the forms, textures and colours. The added bonus is the chance to see two superb photographers dealing with very [...]

    - Steve Marson, 07:33 27th Jul

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