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Old dog, new tricks?

| Mal2853 Old Dog Final

Struggling to think of what to buy me for a birthday present, decided to abandon the usual bottle of whisky and pair of slippers and instead booked me on a landscape photography workshop in the far north of Scotland! Could the old dog learn some new tricks? more

Still Time to Wonder

| Riverbank And Ruins

UNESCO have granted Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal, World Heritage Site status specifically because of the fusion of different – created – landscapes which follow in sequence down the valley of the River Skell. more



| Peter Roworth 3

I am now retired from a working life in nature conservation as a reserve warden in various locations across Great Britain. I always used a camera as part of my work, specialising in the photography of wildflowers, habitat management and the landscape of nature reserves. more

Helmut Pilo

& | 1

It must have been frustrating to have begun to explore the grand landscapes of the North only to have travel restricted by the pandemic, yet 2021 turns out to have had a silver lining and gave him the opportunity to spend more time on his photography. more

The Low Drone

| The Low Drone 11

In this article, I would like to zoom in on another, in my opinion much less widespread, application of the drone for landscape photography. This does not involve flying high - on the contrary. In this technique, the drone is used to create intimate landscapes more

Keep it Still

| Adamp Hold Still Leaves

In this article, I will look mainly at ICM i.e. deliberately moving the camera during a single exposure, but also at multi-exposure in one frame, in-camera layering of two or more separate images and combinations of all these techniques. more

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    on Chris Byrne – Portrait of a Photographer

    Thank you for another inspirational photographer to follow on Instagram. Although I hold a cautious attitude to social media I do appreciate those that don’t advocate it as the be all and end all of creative motivation. Personally, the experience is the reward but I will happily admit that it has [...]

    - John Dominick, 11:52 17th May

    on Keep it Still

    A fascinating insight into your artistic meandering and despite the gentle prod about - ahem - photocopying, I take issue with your suggestion that your scientific background in some way hinders your development has an artist. On the contrary I believe the images we make reflect who we are and we [...]

    - valda bailey, 19:30 16th May

    on Moving Day

    Nice one mate ... still made one of my favourite images of 2021 the day after our natter over coffee and a choco-digestive ... down at your wee local beach .. that outflow would have me dancing a merry jig most mornings .... Hopefully catch up the next time our wheels [...]

    - Nigel Cooke, 12:54 12th May

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