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Sequoias, Fire and Water


Containing five of the ten largest trees in the world, Sequoia National Park is notable for its fantastic display of old-growth sequoia forests, and the survival of these massive trees is dependent on water and fire in equal measure. more


Looking Through

| Daniel Eek 2

I started my journey as a nature photographer a few years ago, at a difficult time in my life. Walking in the woods with a camera was my way to handle the demons chasing me after too much pressure, too long. more

Peter Heaton

& |

From ‘Dark Landscapes’ to the complexities of layered visuals, drawings and text - and sound - Peter shares with the viewer his home ground of North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Wolds, some of the thoughts and emotions attached to being in the landscape, as well as his concerns for our environment. more

Bayou Dreams: A Journey Home


Paddling through the ancient cypress groves in the soft mist of the early morning transports you to another place and time. These 2,000 year old trees in and around the Atchafalaya Basin exude a special kind of magic and mystery. Words and even photographs fall short of conveying the experience of silently floating through the water among these ancient trees decorated in fall colour and draped in Spanish moss. I’d been thinking about photographing the fall colours in the more

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    on A Journey into Abstraction

    Interesting article with some great images, particularly Owaka where the colours and imaging technique have created a lovely soft painterly feel. Thanks for sharing your work!

    - Adam Pierzchala, 18:05 15th Jun

    on 10 Stop ND Filter Test

    Thank you for the review, that's very interesting. Wanted to ask if the round Haida filters use the same glass but another user down there already answered that question :) As far as I know many brands (doesn't matter if expensive or not) use the same glass - so most of them are [...]

    - Idaho X., 11:00 15th Jun

    on A Journey into Abstraction

    I really enjoyed reading your journey from a more orthodox photography style into a new phase, including ICM and Fugue. The latter reminds me of David Hockney's photographic work. I have been exploring ICM for years and will have to try longer exposures as you said. You have to try [...]

    - John Roias, 23:14 14th Jun

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