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| Peter Roworth 3

I am now retired from a working life in nature conservation as a reserve warden in various locations across Great Britain. I always used a camera as part of my work, specialising in the photography of wildflowers, habitat management and the landscape of nature reserves. more


Helmut Pilo

& | 1

It must have been frustrating to have begun to explore the grand landscapes of the North only to have travel restricted by the pandemic, yet 2021 turns out to have had a silver lining and gave him the opportunity to spend more time on his photography. more

The Low Drone

| The Low Drone 11

In this article, I would like to zoom in on another, in my opinion much less widespread, application of the drone for landscape photography. This does not involve flying high - on the contrary. In this technique, the drone is used to create intimate landscapes more

Keep it Still

| Adamp Hold Still Leaves

In this article, I will look mainly at ICM i.e. deliberately moving the camera during a single exposure, but also at multi-exposure in one frame, in-camera layering of two or more separate images and combinations of all these techniques. more

Endframe: East Cumberland Bay, November 13, 1914 by Frank Hurley

| Hurley Photo Section

Since childhood I have been fascinated by the history of polar exploration, intrigued by the tales of adventure, the discovery of the unknown and the mortal dangers faced in the most hostile and remote landscapes on earth. Among the heroic tales of polar discovery, there are none to compete with the plight of the ill-fated 1914 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition led by Sir Ernest Shackleton in his bid to be the first to lead a team across the Antarctic Continent: a more

My Home Landscape

| On Landscape 013

One of those locations I came up with is a beautiful bay called Frazer beach, situated in Munmorah State Recreation Park. It's a bit more of a drive, 35-45 minutes in the car, but enough remoteness to put off many a landscape shooter who doesn't like to walk far. more

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    on Chris Byrne – Portrait of a Photographer

    Thank you for another inspirational photographer to follow on Instagram. Although I hold a cautious attitude to social media I do appreciate those that don’t advocate it as the be all and end all of creative motivation. Personally, the experience is the reward but I will happily admit that it has [...]

    - John Dominick, 11:52 yesterday

    on Keep it Still

    A fascinating insight into your artistic meandering and despite the gentle prod about - ahem - photocopying, I take issue with your suggestion that your scientific background in some way hinders your development has an artist. On the contrary I believe the images we make reflect who we are and we [...]

    - valda bailey, 19:30 16th May

    on Moving Day

    Nice one mate ... still made one of my favourite images of 2021 the day after our natter over coffee and a choco-digestive ... down at your wee local beach .. that outflow would have me dancing a merry jig most mornings .... Hopefully catch up the next time our wheels [...]

    - Nigel Cooke, 12:54 12th May

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