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Familiarity Breeds Content


Many photographers believe that repeatedly visiting a location not only gives them that familiarity with the area to more easily get better photographs of subjects they know well, but crucially they also find it easier to make more incisive new images, showing the character of a location and how it changes with light, weather, seasons and indeed the photographer’s own mood. more

West of the Sun

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Back in January one of our readers, Anna McNay, got in touch to see if we'd be interested in an interview with Toby Deveson. He uses his old Nikkormat and the same 24mm lens that he ‘borrowed’ from your father more than 20 years ago. He finalises each frame in-camera and doesn't crop images in the darkroom. I more



This photography project began as a piece of work to document a year in the life of Hollesley Marshes. It is an area I have been fascinated with for a while and one I walk to every morning with my dog. more


The Plain

& | Archaeological site with a sign warning the military not to dig, by the site of the former Carter Barracks. August 2015.

Through my work as a photographer, I have also spent time in different kinds of landscapes; landscapes which are embedded with the aftermath and traces of war (as in Kosovo), or which are marked out as land under military occupation (as in The Plain). more

Lockdown Podcast #12

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The weather is a continual topic of conversation for many living in the British Isles, and for landscape photographers, it becomes something of an obsession. Trying to predict the perfect combination of factors that will give a cloud inversion or a misty woodland or a stunning sunset can be utterly frustrating. more



Welsh is spoken by barely 20 percent of the population, so we can only hope that the evocative Welsh word hiraeth will somehow be preserved. It means “distance pain,” and I know all about it: a yearning for the lost places of our past, more

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    on The Devil’s Dictionary

    Such a great sense of humour! Thanks for the piece, Keith!

    - Fabio Rage, 22:30 5th Apr

    on Familiarity Breeds Content

    Wow, thank you Hans-Ludwig for your very kind compliment!

    - Adam Pierzchala, 18:33 5th Apr

    on Grounded

    A very engaging article and I especially like the image of the collapsed gate. I also think that working in black and white confers a certain timelessness to the images, drawing in the reader more than if they had been in colour.

    - Adam Pierzchala, 17:40 5th Apr

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