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Night Bunkers

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For my 3rd-year dissertation piece I started off with photographing the occasional pillbox and bunker in Norfolk, as my theme developed I found I was driving over 500 miles over 2 nights around East Anglia to document all the WW2 structures that I find interesting in both location and appearance. more


The Fractal Factor

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The physiological resonance that happens when the fractal structure of our bodies and the search patterns of our eyes match up with the fractals in front of them explains why we might experience such a high degree of stress-relief when looking at natural things, whether in real life or in images. more

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    on A Thousand Words

    A thought provoking read, many thanks. I would say that the documentary expressive split you describe has exceptions in the instance of documentary images which sometimes need fleshing out with context and description. I'm reminded here of collections where the photographer has chosen locations of macabre importance contrary to the [...]

    - Cornerstone2, 07:07 today

    on Home Skies

    wonderful observations and beautifully rendered!

    - Krista McCuish, 07:07 today

    on Photographic Pedagogy

    If we have curiosity about the world around us, it should inspire us to not only learn and collect knowledge, but also inwardly curate it and connect ideas (especially across different disciplines and experiences). If we have diverse experiences and are successful at linking concepts, we can direct it outward to [...]

    - Krista McCuish, 07:07 today

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