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Ice Sculptures Festival

| Alexey Korolyov 3

A mill used to work here a long time ago. Though half-ruined it is still standing on the side of the river. Debris from ancillary structures remaining in the water creates obstacles to the rapid flow. As a result, a powerful roll was formed with strong waves and swirls more

My Important Way


Experiences are the building blocks of life. If making a popular and lucrative photograph requires that one eschew more elevated and personally meaningful experiences, even if yielding no product, then I say: to hell with that photograph. more


Sacred Forests

| Andrea Celli

There’s a special place in the heart of Italy, right between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna regions. Far from the iconic places in the country like the Dolomites, Val d’ Orcia, Cinque Terre and so on, but full of great natural views and photographic inspirations. In these forests, I spent my last four years trying to catch their soul and putting myself in front of a blank white page. more

End Frame: Crossed Aspens and Sapling, near Ashcroft, Colorado By John Sexton

| Crossed Aspens & Sapling, Near Ashcroft, Colorado, , 1989

‘Desert Island Discs’ is a long running BBC Radio 4 series that was first broadcast on what was then the BBC Forces Programme on the 29th January 1942, with its first guest being Vic Oliver, actor and radio comedian. The format of the show for those who aren’t familiar with British radio is that people who have made a name for themselves in whatever field, (I hesitate to use the word ‘celebrity) are invited to imagine that they have more

Natural Landscape Photography Awards

| 1 Photograph Of The Year, Winner

I’ve tried to keep news about the Natural Landscape Photography Awards to a minimum as, although it has taken up a lot of my bandwidth, continuous updates would soon get boring I imagine. However, it’s over! (well the “awards” part of it anyway). Just over a week ago, we announced the winners and runners up of all of the categories and also a few extra awards, which I’ll come onto in a bit. We are all incredibly happy with more

A Year of Photographs

| Joe Cornish Copperbeeches Foxgloves 21 06 19p0006101

Not necessarily my best pictures of the year, they are nevertheless ones that I am fond of, or intrigued by…and which haven’t yet appeared in On Landscape! The captions aim to provide a little background to their origins, and why I chose them. more

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    on End frame: South Stack Lighthouse, Holy Island, Anglesey 1978, Denis Thorpe

    I was lucky enough to be at one of his talks about 10 years ago, impressed by his gritty urban images of Hebdon Bridge and Manchester. A window into photojournalism in the film days.

    - Simon Mayson, 11:47 yesterday

    on My Important Way

    I agree, another great read Guy that absolutely rings true for me. I think it is especially relevant now that there are so many great landscape photographers and so much great landscape photography. That means that, with high probability, some other photographer will happen to be in [...]

    - Keith Beven, 10:42 27th Nov

    on My Important Way

    Great reading as usual, Guy! A couple days ago I did a trekking with a friend and the experience of the physical challenge going up a mountain was more interesting than the images I made, although I was happy with the photos I took too. I agree with you when [...]

    - Fabio Rage, 23:09 26th Nov

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