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Scotch Mist

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The Scotch Mist series came about due to the fact that I wanted more of a hand in the actual creation of the images I felt I was going stale creatively and becoming dissatisfied with just taking pictures. Continue reading → more

Issue 151 PDF

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It’s taken a while to get the replies back from the National Trust regarding ‘commercial’ use of photographs taken from their land but the results didn’t take that long to interpret. Continue reading → more


Porth Meudwy

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Back in October 2016, I decided to retrace steps into my childhood, to revisit the Llŷn Peninsula and the furthest reaches of North Wales, a region so familiar to me from annual family holidays 30 years and more ago. Continue reading → more

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    on Judging the Judges

    Thanks, Malcolm! I'm not sure what part of the text you were referring to but I apologize if I was not clear. A creative photograph most certainly does have aesthetic value, but it is not only about aesthetic value—aesthetics are used as a vehicles to express something of the photographer's mind. [...]

    - Guy Tal, 01:43 19th Jan

    on End Frame: Day 10 Wilderness Loons by Jim Brandenburg

    Thanks Simon - I think you've hit the nail on the head, it's that connection with the natural world that shows through in his unique style.

    - Geoff Kell, 17:57 17th Jan

    on The Diffraction Limit

    This article seems fascinating, and important. Unfortunately I can't see any of the pictures on any current browser. Is there any chance of fixing this, please?

    - James Whitehouse, 11:10 17th Jan

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