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David Ward Exhibition Talks

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In November, I visited the Joe Cornish gallery to give a talk, along with Joe Cornish and Lizzie Shepherd, at David Ward's exhibition, "Overlooked". The exhibition itself was fantastic and just in case you missed the talks, we recorded them all for posterity. The following is Lizzie Shepherd's talk. You can see the other talks on our YouTube channel or check in the back issues If you're on a mobile device the link you need is more


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    on Richard Corkrey

    I somehow missed this article when it was first published but I'm glad I found it now! Beautiful images, especially the inner glow of the b&w work; also Red Copse has a wonderful quality and neatly balanced composition. Thanks for sharing.

    - Adam Pierzchala, 17:23 yesterday

    on Motoko Sato

    I absolutely love your work. I can maybe count on one hand the living photographers I can say that about.

    - Dan Baumbach, 17:23 yesterday

    on Richard Corkrey

    What lovely set of images. Really enjoyed the interview and the images. Wht kind of IR conversion is that Richard? Do you still end up with images with color cast which you correct later? Thanks

    - prashant khapane, 17:23 yesterday

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