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The Myth of Control

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Whilst writing the article about the recent Peter Dombrovskis book, it quickly became clear that there were no real, definitive versions available for his pictures that could be used to say “This is what they were supposed to look like!”.   Continue reading → more


South Shropshire Study

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  South Shropshire is, at least photographically, an unusual place. It doesn’t have the wonder and awe of Snowdonia or The Lakes. However, what it does have is colour. I had to reconcile with myself that I would be capturing   Continue reading → more

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    on Northern Exposure

    Lovely. Very well done. The joy of photography is in the experience of creating the image just as much as the resulting image itself. Best of luck next year.

    - tobers, 21:48 17th Nov

    on Finding the forest when lost amongst the trees

    A very eliquent piece of work Sapna, an enjoyable read supported by some beautiful images.

    - Dave Moorhouse, 10:53 17th Nov

    on The Making of Time

    Wow. what an effort. I have started to do a lot of 6x6 and 4x5 black and white work again and also printing them using PP process. I cam imagine the amount of time and effort gone into this. Good Luck!

    - prashant khapane, 21:43 16th Nov

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