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Judge or Be Judged


I’ve written quite a lot about competitions in the past but being as we’re so close to the opening of submissions for the Natural Landscape Photography Awards, I wanted to go into a bit more detail about the process of judging more

Wondering into Nature


. A withered stamen hangs from a chaotic nest of ochre, twisted in a dying arabesque; evidence in a crime scene strewn with cloud-like blurs of sulfurous greens, cyanic blues, and the crimson of dried blood. more



To first search for an interesting place to visit and then try to catch the essence by photographing it really strengthens my experience of nature and gives me the drive to get out there. more


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    on Large Format Lenses – The Standards

    Hi all... in the absence of a forum I get to wake up an old thread of comments under an article... apologies but thought I would ask, any leads on getting a large format lens repaired? My Nikon 90mm took a tumble and a few of the blades are misaligned, a [...]

    - Tommy Weir, 14:23 yesterday

    on Ali Shokri

    Beautiful work, Ali! Your relationship with the landscape is evident in your photographs and words.

    - Guy Tal, 18:12 15th May

    on Photographing the Un-Grand Landscape

    Lovely pictures, Kathleen, and a thoughtful article. I fully agree with you that there is always something to photograph, wherever you are. You just have to practice your eyes to see all the beauty and use your feelings to show it.

    - Daniel Eek, 19:35 14th May

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