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    on Yosemite Photographs

    Fascinating to see how Joe edits with C1. I'll add my vote to see more of the same, please!

    - Jonathan Ride, 19:27 16th Feb

    on 10 Stop ND Filter Test

    Seems (without any special research approach) that Haida's grads do their job extremely well. But i'd be more than happy to see the results of such tests.

    - Mirosław Stępiński, 17:46 16th Feb

    on Neil Barr

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments. It's very appreciated. One thing that I only thought of since doing the interview, was the realisation (I think) that a lot of my shots make more sense in print. On screen (as here) they can look a bit overdone. But in print, they work [...]

    - Neil Barr, 17:36 16th Feb

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