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    on The Hebridean sea

    Super images, I alway enjoy this sort of photography showing the dynamic power of the sea.

    - Adam Pierzchala, 11:11 12th Oct

    on Moving On

    "There are two classes of human beings. One has ideas, which it believes in fully, perhaps, but modifies to bring about 'success.' The other class has ideas which it believes in and must carry out absolutely; success or no success. The first class has a tremendous majority, and they are all [...]

    - Guy Tal, 11:11 12th Oct

    on Filter Systems for Neutral Density, Graduated and Polarising Filters

    Back in the old days of film I used these filters but now, as a digital photographer, I don´t see the point. Have you done a test that verify the need of using one? Just curious.

    - Krister Berg, 16:26 4th Oct

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