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Ghost Ships and Tides

| 871

The treacherous waters of the Bristol Channel have long been navigated by waterborne vessels and on many a gale driven night or fog laden morning, many of these vessels have foundered on rocks unseen. This photographic work investigates the history of these shipwrecks. more


The Prospect of Happiness

| Forbidden, 10 13 19

Mostly this has to do with the idea that happiness is a relative state, rather than absolute. In this, it is meant that happiness may only be brought about by alternative factors in life, rather than life itself bringing about happiness. more

Rising from the Ashes

| Bill Mcclurg Rising From The Ashes 02

Australia is the driest and most fire-prone continent on Earth and every summer bushfires sweep across the landscape. The 2019-2020 bushfire season was amongst the worst the country has experienced and has become known as “Black Summer”. more

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    on Transcendent Forms and Noble Lies

    Thanks for this Guy. I hope this does become a series. Who knows where it might lead?

    - Simon Gulliver, 17:47 23rd Jun

    on Transcendent Forms and Noble Lies

    Dear Guy, thanks for another thought-provoking article. I would be interested to hear your thoughts how you relate your experiences and any ensuing images to the Theory of Forms. Would you consider your own outdoor experiences, not necessarily limited to awe and beauty but also spanning the mundane and melancholic, to [...]

    - Saikat Chakraborty, 15:45 23rd Jun

    on From the Seahouse

    Very powerful body of work, the thought and process behind what you have achieved is amazing. Thank you for sharing, I certainly would like a copy.

    - lewis phillips, 16:00 14th Jun

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