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Is Intimate the new Grand?

| 009

The Scream, the Netherlands, 2006. I must confess that I only noticed the face in the water when seeing the image on my computer screen and not when taking the image. Introduction During the fall of last year, I had the privilege of being one of the judges at the Natural Landscape Photography Awards. One of the things that struck me there was, on the one hand, the more


| The Edge 30 2017

Each of Conduit’s images serves as a visual narrative, weaving together the threads of his ongoing dialogue with forgotten places, inviting viewers to witness the transformation and rediscovery of these overlooked corners of the world. more

Any Questions, with special guest Lizzie Shepherd

, & | Any Questions Episode 2

The premise of our podcast is based loosely around Radio Four's "Any Questions", Joe Cornish and I (Tim Parkin) invite a special guest onto each show and solicit questions from our subscribers. Our first podcast featured Alex Nail where we discussed his mountain photography, colour management and much more. You can see the first podcast here but we're also making the podcasts publicly available on most streaming platforms. You can find out more at this public link. Our next more


The Art of Mystery

| 10 Infinity

As a photographer working to inspire an attitude of conservation in a world that values natural places less and less each day, I intentionally create images to show others that wilderness has much more to offer us in its unspoiled state than anything we could possibly extract from it materially more

A Door in Tannerre

| Tannerre 0009

Unless Art Wolfe reads this text, he will never know about his impact on my photographic journey. Like him, we too, by simply practising our passions and sharing our stories, may never know who we may inspire and how we may flare up someone else’s creativity more

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    on The Art of Mystery

    Thanks for getting my mind going Eric! This is an ever interesting subject. You always have to step back and reflect what makes you tick. No matter how experienced you are.

    - Krister Berg, 09:14 12th Feb

    on The Art of Mystery

    Thanks Eric for this absorbing article makes me want to pick up my camera right now and go practice. I copied down some of your suggestions that I will put in my camera bag. The other things I like is the way you have given descriptions of how you achieved the [...]

    - kye thompson, 00:39 12th Feb

    on Why We Do It

    Thank you Robert. Yes, there certainly seems to be a family aspect to this pursuit, one of the many things I love about landscape photography.

    - Jason Pettit, 18:55 6th Feb

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