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These images are all drawn from within 20 minutes of my home. I am slightly amazed by the number of people who walk through woodland looking around, ahead or downwards and yet so rarely upwards into the glorious canopies. more

Poetic Odds

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Of those concerned with truthfulness in photography, I ask this: if you inspire in your viewers an experience you did not actually have, is the fact that your images are not “manipulated” sufficient to make them “true”? more

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    on The Natural Landscape Photography Awards

    Hi Tim, I think this is a welcomed step towards a competition for documentary landscape photography. What we are seeing in the majority of the current landscape competitions are severely edited photographs depicting fairy tail landscapes rather than existing ones. Best / Hans

    - Hans Strand, 18:46 yesterday

    on Don’t Destroy the Cypress Swamp Experience!

    Thx for the comment! agreed. (not sure about today but up until 2-3 years ago, that google search would have delivered a blank space) Still, in case of the huge cypress swamp area, I am absolutely not against people coming there, because it's a place that can "defend" itself against big [...]

    - Georg Popp, 09:48 yesterday

    on The Natural Landscape Photography Awards

    That sounds like it will work best for sure. I look forward to seeing what comes of it all. Best of luck with all the planning.

    - Neal Thorley, 09:21 22nd Feb

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