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Passing Through – David Speight

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David Speight joined us to chat about his photography whilst he was staying just around the corner at the bottom of Glencoe.  We chatted about the background of his photography and took a look through some of his favourite images. You can see some of the images in the gallery below. A big thanks for David for sparing us a few minutes whilst on his Christmas holidays! http://youtu.be/RmfvnTXIvgA more

8×10 film vs IQ4 150mp

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It’s been a few years (over 8!) since we performed our mammoth “Big Camera Comparison”. For those of you who haven’t seen it, we compared medium format and large format film against various digital cameras including the then cutting edge Phase One IQ280, an 80mp CCD sensor which we used on a Linhof Techno, an Alpa and a Cambo technical camera (we also tested a D800 and a 5Dmk2). You can find the results of that test here but more

Roundtable Discussion on the Environment for Landscape Photographers

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On our 200th issue, we decided to have a special Passing Through podcast. David Ward and Joe Cornish are running a workshop in the area and Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson are in Scotland. We decided to invite them to a roundtable discussion on what we as landscape photographers can do to help protect the environment and mitigate climate change. more


Cooke PS945 & XVa Lenses

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As you probably know, On Landscape isn’t the normal ‘reviews, adverts, competitions and special offers’ website. Although, we have done the occasional review where there has been a gap in the available information (ND filters, Grads, etc) we generally try to avoid them. However, we did notice that there was a big gap in the market for reviews of high-end 8x10 pictorial lenses so we figured we could probably add at least one new reader if we could get more

Letters of Alforria

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Photograph of the series Black Flowers: Rejected by colors. Betrayed by our own mind we ignore things we only reject. We look at horizons to fill a mind full of voids, but as too much sugar sickens, soon we turn away. We are insatiable. Between earth and man, there is an unannounced dispute and her name is 'Who does it best?' One more

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    on Richard Corkrey

    I somehow missed this article when it was first published but I'm glad I found it now! Beautiful images, especially the inner glow of the b&w work; also Red Copse has a wonderful quality and neatly balanced composition. Thanks for sharing.

    - Adam Pierzchala, 17:23 15th Jan

    on Motoko Sato

    I absolutely love your work. I can maybe count on one hand the living photographers I can say that about.

    - Dan Baumbach, 17:23 15th Jan

    on Richard Corkrey

    What lovely set of images. Really enjoyed the interview and the images. Wht kind of IR conversion is that Richard? Do you still end up with images with color cast which you correct later? Thanks

    - prashant khapane, 17:23 15th Jan

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