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Don’t Forget To Take Your Soul

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As a landscape photographer I have often been advised that there is no substitute for “being there” with “the right light”, preferably during the “golden hour” to make wonderful pictures. I have often wondered about this universal advice, is it strictly true? Continue reading

Subscription Price Change

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Over the last years we’ve tried to keep upping our game a little; introducing new writers and commissioning interviews and articles from some known (and lesser known but equally talented) artists and writers. Continue reading

John Blakemore Interview

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There is much photographic and other artwork I find interesting and quite often inspiring. However, I can only cite a handful of photographers work I can genuinely say that has had a positive influence in my own personal work. Continue reading

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Frank Gohlke Interview

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Terrain magazine have an interview with author and photographer Frank Gohlke (Wikipedia). Gohlke always has something interesting to say and you can read another interview at the Smithsonian magazine and a video interview on You Tube of the accommodating nature exhibition. /via Terrain.org

Hyper Arid Landscapes

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For the past fifteen years, National Geographic photographer, George Steinmetz, has been photographing many of the world’s “hyperarid” regions as part of an upcoming book, called Desert Air. A video /via Faded and Blurred

Our downloable issue is a dedicated design to make the most of the articles and photography. It's configured for to be equally at home on a home computer, laptop or tablet/ipad. At over a hundred pages long, each issue is more like a ebook than a magazine.

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