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The Sheffield Great Flood of 1864

| Flood 08

By the 19th Century, Sheffield’s rapid industrial expansion stimulated population growth, calling for a reliable water source to provide power for industry and to improve sanitation for residents, many of whom lived in squalid shared housing. Consequently, an ambitious programme of reservoir construction was undertaken. The Dale Dyke dam excavations began on 1st January 1859. On the evening of 11th March 1864, during a violent storm, a crack was spotted in the embankment of the recently completed Dale Dyke dam. more

Lost & Found in Fog

| 17. Lost & Found

Some things that are lost are tangible, though no more precious than those bits of ourselves we lose along the way, like the inspiration that fled from my life when I chose career over creativity, stability to be free to stability from want and need. more


On Landscape Revisited

| Lbg Logo Standalone

When I originally proposed the idea of On Landscape to my wife Charlotte over fourteen years ago, I would never have thought that it would have lasted as long as it has. On this 300th issue, I decided to take a look back at all of those previous issues to pick out some highlights for you to revisit (if you haven’t already). I’ve chosen a range of styles and genres of article, please let me know if you have more

Sandra Bartocha

& | Sandra Bartocha 026

I am a maximalist with strong opinions and a high demand for aesthetics, and I feel very strongly about the escapism quality of nature. My photographic world is full of light, colour and the small and mundane things in nature that are often overlooked. more

Terra Silva

| Img08971

Terra Silva are two Latin words. They loosely mean "the land of the forest". Since this project is about forests and trees and since my native language is a direct descendant of Latin, I thought it would be a fitting title. more

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    on Sketching Down in the Bottoms

    I find it hard to believe that I would connect with a fellow photographer so familiar with my area through a UK online landscape photo journal. Amazing. I have been back to many of these places and am amazed by the changes from the seasonal flooding along the Connecticut. The past [...]

    - Doug Butler, 11:37 23rd Mar

    on Know thy Subject

    Thanks for the nice thoughts that I can relate to a lot. There is only one thing that almost no nature photographer has taken a stand on. It is very fashionable to fly around the world with thousands of other nature photographers, none of whom think about how much they are [...]

    - Jorma Hevonkoski, 08:33 23rd Mar

    on Is Intimate the new Grand?

    As someone who has been making intimate landscape images for close to three decades it is, perhaps, heartening to hear that you feel they have now achieved widespread popularity. Like you, I began making them because I felt it was a powerful way to describe the landscape. However, your contention that photographers [...]

    - David Ward, 12:25 21st Mar

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