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    on Discovery and Rediscovery

    Beautiful and wise words, Guy. Just today I remarked to a friend how I missed the security of a steady paycheck. And yet, I would never go back to that life. Living the life I was meant to live is worth any cost.

    - chris murray, 14:58 today

    on Autumn in Scotland

    Really wonderfully done. I love the commentaries and the processing nuggets sprinkled throughout the video. For someone from the US, it would be very nice to know where the pictures were made. Locations were mentioned but was hard for yankies to pick up. Always like Joe's point of view on a [...]

    - Dipak Chowdhury, 14:58 today

    on Discovery and Rediscovery

    Reading this and looking at these images makes me happy. I would say the same thing to my younger self.

    - Paul Gronhovd, 14:58 today

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