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    on Krista McCuish

    Yes - Sadly, I haven't been able to find many writings by him or about him, so trying to track down an affordable retrospective of his quiet explorations. :)

    - Krista McCuish, 17:07 30th Nov

    on End frame: ‘Shadows on the wall, Firostephani’ by Clive Minnitt

    A fascinating backstory into this image both from Sue and in Clive's response, what End Frame is all about in my book. I have to say I had assumed the warm colour was from a rising or setting sun so knowing the story makes it all the more special from vision [...]

    - Geoff Kell, 14:40 27th Nov

    on Krista McCuish

    Fantastic interview with a most talented artist. Krista's images move me in a way few do.

    - chris murray, 14:40 27th Nov

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