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The Quiet

| Posted

These 4 images form part of a larger series of images and probably my favourites so far. The project initially started without any intent, and after venturing out in similar conditions, a collection of images started to come together. more


In need of a narrative

| Posted

If you're reading this then you're probably a disciple of the quest to explore nature in all its forms; hiking, discovering, conquering and escaping into mindfulness. We would argue there's a human need for photographing in these places. We want to sometimes tame them and idealise them, set ourselves a compositional challenge and bend the location to our will. It's about unearthing something unseen, to create surprises, offering a wider acknowledgement that our own way of seeing is unique more

Foto Fest 2019

| Posted

Fotospeed has announced that they will be hosting Foto Fest 2019 as the festival heads into its fourth year. The festival brings together 4 talented photographers to deliver talks about the inspirations, techniques, and stories behind their images. more

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    on Time to reflect…

    Hi Jeremy, Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I'd certainly be up for joining an "Ageing nature photographers for the planet" group!

    - David Ward, 14:39 today

    on Endframe – Glowing Autumn Forest by Christopher Burkett

    I first saw some Christopher Burkett work in the flesh so to speak at a gallery in Carmel California. I never knew a photographic print could be so beautiful, so full of detail, so well, astonishing, as others have said. Been hooked and dazzled ever since.

    - David Neumann, 14:39 today

    on 30th December

    Love this work Simon! Thank you for sharing.

    - Paul Gallagher, 11:01 15th Jun

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