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Church Meadow

| Dsc1861

This article concerns my long-lasting love affair with a wild meadow next to where I live. Church Meadow lies next to the River Brett in Suffolk. The river meanders through the mid Suffolk countryside, past unspoilt medieval wool villages like Kettlebaston, Chelsworth & Kersey before joining the River Stour on the Essex border in ‘Constable Country’. The river is bordered along much of its route by water meadows. Meadows like more

End frame: PIA19952: The Rich Color Variations of Pluto’ by New Horizons

| Jpegpia19952.width 1600

Picking a photo for Endframe was exquisite torture. There isn’t a photographer I revere above all others. (There are too many to choose from!) Or even one particular favourite ‘go-to’ photo. (Ditto!) And don’t get me started on locations; I could happily wile away an afternoon looking at great landscape images from anywhere on the planet. Thinking about it, I could happily wile away an afternoon looking at great photos on any subject, not just landscapes. Can you see how more


Cote d’Opale

| Dscf5048

I followed Google maps south-wards finding the coast just below Calais in France within a short 4 hour drive. Here the first cliffs shape the coastal landscape bringing rocks, pebbles and bunkers from the Atlantikwall. more

Natural Landscape Photographer of the Year 2023

| M2 R4.0 V2.50

The Natural Landscape Photography Awards 2023 finished it’s judging just over a week ago and I’m really happy with how everything went. <chatgpt: insert superlative about landscape photographs> Exquisitely captured, this stunning collection of landscape photographs transports viewers on an awe-inspiring journey through nature's most breathtaking vistas, evoking an unparalleled sense of wonder and serenity.</chatgpt> <chatgpt: insert sentence about how great the organisers and judges were> I am absolutely elated and overjoyed by the seamless and successful judging of the more

A Little Piece of Eden

| 2021 No5

Throughout those 25 years and the transition from film to digital, I have found myself coming back again and again to a small reach upstream of the bridge to Shoregill, where the river tumbles over a short series of low, moss-covered, limestone rock steps. more

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    on End frame: Laurent Kronental « Souvenir d’un Futur »

    Hi Elliott, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this photo and on the wider project this photo is part of. I didn't know Knonental's work and I think his idea of photographing those ugly buildings in Paris suburbs, from both the inside and the outside (I'm referring to his other project about [...]

    - Francesco Carovillano, 18:04 15th Nov

    on History of Art and Landscape – Part Four

    Hello Tim, Yes! Thanks for this piece. Through it I've discovered the series. Painters have been onto landscape for thousands of years, so there's a lot to enjoy and learn from. Baroque painting to me means the first thorough exploration of movement around the frame and in and out of depth. Even [...]

    - Mark Jennings, 18:10 14th Nov

    on History of Art and Landscape – Part Four

    For those of us not steeped in any sort of art history these articles are really informative Tim. I’m sure there’s a lot of work in compiling them but thank you.

    - Geoff Kell, 15:03 13th Nov

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