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The Triptych

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I was attracted to the triptych in this form and sought to further the balanced outcome by having each piece focus on the same landscape. In this way, each image is of equal importance but provides new information by showing the subject from a new angle. more

Issue 186 PDF

| Posted

Scottish Summer has arrived and disappeared in the last two weeks and Joe Cornish has been up to experience some of it with us. However, we spent most of our time chatting about photography trips and cameras, especially as Paula from Linhof Studio joined us for the latter half of the week. more

The Dart Head

| Posted

Using Alice Oswald’s award winning, long form, poem “Dart” as a guide I am hoping to interpret the river as it flows from its source on the high, floating bogs of Dartmoor, through south Devon to the sea. more

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    on The Dunes at Oceano

    I really enjoyed your article and dune images. As a Colorado resident, I was shocked to learn that White Sands National Monument is located in my state! :-)

    - Pelzmann, 08:51 4th Jul

    on A Question of Meaning

    A great read Chris. Very well written

    - Thomas Fleckenstein, 08:51 4th Jul

    on The Dart Head

    Very nice set of images from an area I'm very familiar with, The Dart does present beautiful imagery from start to finish and I too am enjoying the recording of it from end to end for a couple of years now.

    - Mark Burley, 08:51 4th Jul

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