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Upon the Wave

| Broken Mirror

Knowing the boundaries of the wave and in which direction it leads can help us see what possibilities exist outside of it still lurking in the expanse of creative experience; as the old saying goes “you have to know the rules in order to break them.” more


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    on Nature in the Netherlands

    Inspiring article, Theo, because here in Brandenburg and the Potsdam/Berlin area the landscape is not that attractive as well :-)

    - Bernd Walz, 13:54 15th Jul

    on Photographing the Simple Beauty of Nature

    Good article Mieke. Thoughtful. You bring up good points about accepting nature photography because it is beautiful and not necessarily having to be a "story" or have some higher meaning than it just being beautiful. Yes, AI photography is not something I am interested in. For many years I participated in [...]

    - Robert Amoruso, 22:03 5th Jul

    on Sally Mason

    Beautiful images, very inspirational!

    - Adam Pierzchala, 14:28 4th Jul

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