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That Other Landscape

| Flyer That Other Landscape

‘That Other Landscape’ is a rare collaboration of three creative Scottish Landscape Photographers showcasing their work in a touring exhibition. The aim is to find out if there can be a space within the ‘art world’ for photography to share the walls as a variant medium rather than a foreign entity. Photography will always be exhibited in galleries but rarely alongside paintings, sculpture, installations etc. and often only as a body of work, sharing a message or story as a more

Uge Fuertes

& | 9.15.2 Jardin De Trolliusbis, La Buena

I try to make creativity a path. The daring and risky composition is my hallmark; I like to seek perfection in composition and highlight only the remarkable, ignoring the rest. We are what we photograph and also what we see. Seeing is not only a physical question. more


Nature in the Netherlands

| 011

I am strongly considering giving nature in the Netherlands another chance and taking up a new book project here. But first, of course, I want to finish my project on European canyons. We really don't have those in the Netherlands! more

Anna Morgan

& | Wild Roses Ol

I hope they show a reverence for the natural world that you experience every day. We are surrounded by nature everywhere, even among the high rises of the big cities - it may feel less pervasive in urban areas, but we are not separated from it. more

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