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A walk through place and time

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The focus of the walk is often in my thoughts and always in view as I draw closer to the village in which I have made my home in rural Aberdeenshire in the North East of Scotland. That focus is Barra Hill, an iron-age hill-fort that defines the landscape surrounding the village where I live more

Lyme Disease

| Posted

I don’t know if it was before or after my trip to London that I decided to write an article on ticks and Lyme disease but since I did start writing, my level of Lyme disease paranoia has been a bit scary. more

Tiger Beach

| Posted

I visited Dail Beag bay on the West coast of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides on a dull grey day. Rather than the broader view, I found myself looking at the near landscape and more specifically an area a few meters square. more

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    on Tiger Beach

    A nice set Rod .. especially like the 3rd one with the inclusion of the rushing water .. the 1st one also appeals with its softer tonal gradients throughout ...

    - Nigel Cooke, 11:02 12th Sep

    on It’s Time We Were Critical

    Hi David, I hope we'll being seeing some more of your wise words now you are back from Botswana. Is that a Glen Baxter cartoon I see lurking in there? Love his work.

    - Julian Barkway, 11:02 12th Sep

    on It’s Time We Were Critical

    A really interesting article, David - your knowledge and eloquence never fail to shine through when you put pen to paper. It reminded me that in my university days, quite a long time ago ;), we used regularly to read books by 'critics' - these took the form of analysing the [...]

    - Lizzie Shepherd, 11:02 12th Sep

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