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Any Questions, with special guest Paul Mitchell

| Any Questions Title Paulmitchell

Welcome to the fourth episode of our "Any Questions" series, where hosts Joe Cornish and Tim Parkin delve into the questions you've submitted. This month's guest was Paul Mitchell, and we had a bunch of questions about his thoughts on beauty, critiques, pinhole photography, design and book making and more. more

Nature in the Netherlands

| 011

I am strongly considering giving nature in the Netherlands another chance and taking up a new book project here. But first, of course, I want to finish my project on European canyons. We really don't have those in the Netherlands! more

Anna Morgan

& | Wild Roses Ol

I hope they show a reverence for the natural world that you experience every day. We are surrounded by nature everywhere, even among the high rises of the big cities - it may feel less pervasive in urban areas, but we are not separated from it. more


The Majestic Trees of Deadvlei

| Sossusvlei Judy Cochand 3

Recently, I had the joyous experience of driving across Namibia with a group for friends. I piloted the 'girl car' through the rough and ready roads of the Namib Desert. The landscape is harsh, hot and desperately beautiful. One of my key destinations was the dried up salt pan of Sossusvlei, where the dead trees still stand after they were cut off from water by the dunes more

On Human Landscape

| Driman1

While I typically enjoy street and landscape photography, every now and then, while looking down my microscope at someone’s biopsy or operative surgical resection, I will be struck by the beauty of the human tissue. more

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    on Bill Ferngren – Portrait of a Photographer

    Great work my friend! 🙌

    - Krister Berg, 13:28 12th May

    on Is Intimate the new Grand?

    Theo, David. I've been watching this space and hoping a conversation would start. Artists of all stripes are human and experience ambition, lust for distinction, etc. Michelangelo and Leonardo had a paint-off in the Florence City Hall, and the impetus was entirely the former's drive to excel his rival and senior. Modigliani [...]

    - Mark Jennings, 12:33 27th Apr

    on Landscape as Visual Haiku

    Such a beautiful article. Thank you so much for sharing this enlightening element of the written word Kevin.

    - Paul Gallagher, 10:20 27th Apr

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