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Landscape Revisited – Joe Cornish & Kane Cunningham

Exhibition review

Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

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Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish

Professional landscape photographer.


Last Friday I went to see Joe Cornish's new exhibition alongside Kane Cunningham at the Scarborough Art Gallery.

What was the exhibition like? Well the premise was to look at some of the landscape art that the museum currently holds and to interpret these in a new way. Kane and Joe worked together on occasion and discussed the project at length - it sounds to me like they just went to the pub, but far from me to second guess things :-)

Ably assisted by Andrew Nadolski (with whom I was recording an interview about his End of the Land book) we produced a short video interview with Joe and Kane as they walked us around the event. We lost one of the microphones half way through (a bad battery) but the quality is mostly good enough I think.

I thought the exhibition was very well presented and both Kane and Joe had worked hard not just to present their own work but to make the work unique to the event. The work was produced over the last two years and coincided with Joe's work with the Phase camera and many of the pictures are panoramic stitches, some nearly 180 degrees and over two meters wide in print.

My favourite works were a massive print of the Hole of Horcum in Winter and also a panoramic of Kane's back garden (although garden might not be the best word to describe it) taken as a panorama with multiple LX5 photographs stitched together and decorated by pencil sketchwork and writing. I was also very impressed by a black and white picture of a tree root and the rock detail photographs.

Hole of Horcum - Winter

I have also included small photographs of many of the pictures at the exhibition (although not all). I hope you get the time to visit this exhibition and also the geology museum next door.

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