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Why Size Really Doesn’t Matter

Is Bigger Really Better?

I had the pleasure of coming along to Tim’s Big Camera Comparison which featured in Issue 28. As we know, being the ultimate geek, Tim loves to compare pretty much everything photographic – cameras, resolution, film, colour, you name it. And congratulations to Tim for putting together such a thorough and informative test.

I got the chance last week to look at print outs from the test of the landscape view, some differences were noticeable on the larger prints which featured a tiny section of the overall image and from the blind test of which ones I preferred, I think I picked the 4x5 Portra 400 shot and a 4x5 Velvia as my top two – generally the wasn’t an overwhelming difference between them, apart from the P45 back, which looked terrible. On the smaller prints, you really couldn’t choose much between them, other than some better colour in the film images, sharpness, detail and all that was much the same.

Even during the day of testing I was thinking to myself  ‘so what?’, resolution, megapixies – it doesn’t matter, it’s an endless and wildly expensive path to follow.

So, I thought I’d put my thoughts down about this whole resolution thing and why, ultimately, it doesn’t matter.

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