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IQ180 – Three Months on…

Joe report on his early work with the Phase One IQ180 digital back

Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish

Professional landscape photographer. His personal website is www.joecornishphotographer.com/

"I was extravagant in the matter of cameras – anything photographic – I had to have the best. But that was to further my work. In most things I have gone along with the plainest – or without."

Edward Weston said many things that have resonated with me over the years and this quote is one of them. I include it here because it would be all too easy to assume that any owner of a Phase One IQ180 might simply be a wealthy dilettante. My decision to invest in this enormously expensive item was based on having a reasonably successful medium format digital workflow, a camera system with which it was already fully compatible (Linhof Techno), and an opportunity to buy a used, demo version of the IQ. Even given the latter, and my existing Phase OneP45+ back, and a Horseman camera to trade in, this was still a huge investment. Fortunately, Mrs C became resigned to my curious priorities many years ago!

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