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Joe Cornish – Reader’s Questions

Part Three

Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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Just before Christmas we asked our readers for a bunch of questions that we could put to Joe Cornish when he visited next and the response was fantastic. In the end we recorded two hours of audio but to keep installments to a useful length (a lot of people say they listen to them over breakfast or during a commute) we’ve split it into half hour sections.

So, a big thank you to Joe and everyone who submitted their questions and here’s the third section..

We've also included an incidental collection of snowy images to run alongside this item.

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  • Adam Pierzchala

    These interviews and Q&A podcasts are not only very enjoyable in their own right (like listening to a radio discussion), but also excellent to listen to while scanning or post-processing images. Thanks Joe for introducing the two wildlife photographers you mentioned: they produce different but equally inspiring and unusual work. Adam

  • Colin McLean

    It is fascinating to listen to Joe talking about his philosophy and beliefs – it makes you reflect on your own and what you are trying to achieve. I am really looking forward to meeting him on a workshop in NW Scotland next month.

  • I’ve enjoyed reading this series of articles. I’d like to pick up on Joe’s comment to the effect that he gained confidence by being good at something (photography). In my experience, landscape and photography also engender passion and this enthusiasm for an interest or activity can also have a similar effect.

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