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Doug Chinnery’s 2013

Review of 2013

Doug Chinnery

I am an artist working with images full of colour and movement in an attempt to express what I see around me. Inspired by artists, in particular the impressionists and abstract impressionists as well as Chris Friel and Valda Bailey, I work in abstraction trying to capture mood and emotion. I live in obscurity with my wife, Beth, and my buddy, Eddie.


We asked a number of our contributors to answer a few questions on their past year and what 2014 holds.

1) What have you been doing photographically in 2013, anything new & different or exciting trips that got the juices flowing ?

2013 started with lots of plans and aspirations but, as many know, while leading a tour up in Glencoe, I slipped crossing a river and badly broke my ankle and and my leg in four places. This led to almost four months without being able to walk and had quite an impact, both at the time and on the rest of the year.

One of the things about being a self employed full time photographer is that when an injury like that hits there is little or no support from the state to help you through (apart from the excellent medical care, of course). So this accident proved to be the ultimate test of whether I could continue with my passion as my business. I decided while lying in the hospital bed in Fort William that we (Liz, my wife, who is a partner in the business and I) would survive it and that I would still 'go to work' every day, even though I couldn't walk.

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