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Beautiful Brockwell Park

A new project and a new exhibition by Max A Rush

Max Rush

Max A Rush is a professional landscape photographer specialising in London’s parks and gardens. With a background in art, music and natural history, he first became interested in photography while working as a naturalist for the national parks service in Quebec. He continued his studies in the UK with a series on the mid Wales landscape and then, on moving to London began photographing his local park.


The height of summer

The height of summer

The old park

Three years ago, I wrote an article for this magazine about my Brockwell Park project, aimed to tie in with an exhibition here in south London. It was the culmination of the previous three years spent photographing the park through the seasons with the aim (there has to be a grand aim) of demonstrating how seasonal changes transform parts of the London landscape as dramatically as they do the countryside.

After the rewarding experience of seeing the fruits of so many years’ worth of standing in soggy fields at dawn ignoring feelings of self-doubt displayed in clean and respectable surroundings, I resolved to move on to other, contrasting locations in London and cease to rely on Brockwell Park’s supreme advantage: proximity to my house. I began working on parks and nature reserves located multiple traffic jams away from Herne Hill – Dulwich and Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Park, Crystal Palace Park, and some local allotments which I thought were particularly interesting. This has been, and continues to be, a rewarding set of subjects, perhaps ripe for a future article if a good enough excuse can be concocted.

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