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Endframe – “Jim Jim Falls” by Peter Jarver

David Tolcher discusses one of his favourite images


David Tolcher

An enthusiast who enjoys having photography as an excuse to get out in to the wilds.

The year was 1988 and I was living in Sydney with my wife and kids enjoying a 2 year overseas assignment  to Australia. I was a hardened B&W photographer for all except the natural history work that I did. I had never been especially inspired by colour landscape work. Looking back it is easy to forget that this was before the time when Waite/Cornish/Noton rainmakers changed popular  landscape photography in the 90’s. It was largely documentary and quite literal in its presentation.

Unusually I remember the moment quite well,  going into one of the bookshops in George Street (probably Dymocks but my memory isn’t quite that good !) and there was a large colour poster on display drawing me to a new book launch by Peter Jarver. The poster was of Jim Jim Falls at sunset in full flow in the rainy season. The book was his second: ‘Kakadu Country’.

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