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Endframe – “Jim Jim Falls” by Peter Jarver

David Tolcher discusses one of his favourite images

The year was 1988 and I was living in Sydney with my wife and kids enjoying a 2 year overseas assignment  to Australia. I was a hardened B&W photographer for all except the natural history work that I did. I had never been especially inspired by colour landscape work. Looking back it is easy to forget that this was before the time when Waite/Cornish/Noton rainmakers changed popular  landscape photography in the 90’s. It was largely documentary and quite literal in its presentation.

Unusually I remember the moment quite well,  going into one of the bookshops in George Street (probably Dymocks but my memory isn’t quite that good !) and there was a large colour poster on display drawing me to a new book launch by Peter Jarver. The poster was of Jim Jim Falls at sunset in full flow in the rainy season. The book was his second: ‘Kakadu Country’.

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  • Sandy Miller

    Thanks for this introduction. Some really beautiful stuff on his site. Thoroughly enjoyed browsing through.

  • Bert Vliegen

    Hi David, back in 2004 during a holiday in Australia I visited the town of Kurunda where Peter’s gallery is. I immediately was blown away by the beauty and quality of his photo’s which I had never seen before. Especially ‘Uluru dreaming’ was breathtaking. I even now regret I didn’t buy it… In the same town was a gallery from Peter Like, nice but for me it gave not the response I had before from Jarver.
    After the holiday I decided to engage me better in landscape photography, and I can say that it all started with Peter Jarver.
    Thanks for mentioning him!

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