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Endframe – “The Markerstone: Harlech to London Road” by Fay Godwin

Marc Elliott discusses one of his favourite pictures

Marc Elliott

 "Marc Elliott is one of Cornwall’s most notable landscape photographers. His life has been devoted to the landscape. Studying its form, gentle changes and subtle beauty that Great Britain has in abundance. Marc is a passionate landscape photographer keen to share his knowledge to others on his informative, relaxed, and enjoyable workshops and tours.”


Fay Godwin (17 February 1931 – 27 May 2005) The Markerstone: Harlech to London Road. Wales 1974

I don’t think I can say I have one all time favourite photograph. I have so many for different reasons and moods. But when faced with such a question to consider your ‘favourite’ photograph from another photographer, my initial recollection were not of what I expected; I suppose upon receiving the question I was reminded of the landscape greats, Adams, Western, Porter, and more recently Mr Cornish and Mr Ward’s photographs have given me much inspiration and joy along with many of my contemporaries.

But the two photographs that were constantly coming to mind are Bill Brandt’s, Halifax 1937 and Fay Godwin’s (read Fay Goldwin Master Photographer article), Markerstone; Old Harlech to London Road. Wales 1974.

As much as I love Bill Brandt; a wonderful British photographer that I’m really interested in along with Fey, it is this picture of Fay’s that really strikes a cord with me. I wouldn’t say this is my all time favourite photograph by Fay Godwin.

I am finding myself increasingly drawn to photographers that use film to make photographs and how working within the film limitations has allowed a style of photography that is sometimes lost with huge dynamic ranges of today’s digital camera. Look at some of Bill Brandt’s work and marvel at the dark moody pictures, the gorgeous blacks full of gritty grainy texture - somehow I don’t think latest digital wonder camera would have created the same feel!

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