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Zero Footprint at the Environmental Arts Festival

Call for Entries to Join Exhibition

Morag Paterson

A sense of belonging underpins my photographic work, which varies from the wildly abstract to more literal representations of the natural world. For me, the art of photography is process-based, using the camera as a tool to express my engagement with any given location or subject.

Enjoying many camera-free hours roaming on the hillsides of the southern uplands in Scotland or the wooded slopes around our smallholding in the Alpes-Maritime helps build my mental scrapbook and incubate ideas.


Many people reading this will be familiar with our “Zero Footprint” project and book following recent coverage in On Landscape.  For anyone that missed it, we selected a location directly outside our house and decided to take photographs from there, at random intervals making use of different focal lengths and the richly varied weather systems we experience here in south west Scotland to create a portfolio of imagery.

The idea was to see what we could do creatively with literally a “Zero Footprint” in recognition of the issues the world faces with respect to carbon emissions and climate change, and also - just as importantly - as a celebration of “local”.


We have been invited to exhibit some of the work as part of this years Environmental Arts Festival and would like to invite other photographers, artists, writers (anyone with a creative output) to join us by creating an A6 size postcard/print/letter/poem which can display alongside our work.  The only criteria is that it is as local as possible, people have asked if that can be anywhere within walking distance - while this is OK one of the ideas we want to encourage is observation and engagement with ones immediate environs and so would encourage people to contemplate intently what they can find around their home or garden.  The outputs can be landscape, people, close ups, abstracts - anything that is an expression of what local or home means.


Submissions should arrive with us by August 14th at the latest, please enclose a return envelope with the postage page and note your address on the back of the work if you would like it back.  Otherwise we will document it as part of the ongoing project.  There is no cost to partake, likewise no renumeration.

Entries should be submitted to: Leeming and Paterson, Glenhoul Brae, Dalry, Castle Douglas, DG7 3UB.  Please email any questions to: info@leemingpaterson.com

Photographs from Zero Footprint Project

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