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Ian Cameron & Jim Robertson Exhibition

Jim Robertson

Jim Robertson

Landscape photographer based in the North East of Scotland with a leaning towards intimate landscapes. Retired designer.


Moray landscape photographers Ian Cameron and Jim Robertson recently joined forces for an exhibition of their work in The Gallery at Elgin Library in Moray. Running from Saturday 10th – 23rd October the exhibition, which has now been extended to November 20th, features local, Scottish, and Norwegian landscapes.

IC Lilac light Hopeman

I first came upon Ian's work when I worked in Elgin Library and helped him to set up an exhibition he was having in The Gallery there. It was his photography that provided the primary inspiration that made me to want to take up landscape photography again. We are really lucky to have such a great facility in Moray and I'm really pleased and consider myself lucky to be sharing hanging space with him in The Gallery.

My original plan was for a solo exhibition as I've participated in two other shared exhibition there but to do the hanging space justice I would have had to frame and hang some thirty photographs. A costly investment for an amateur. Luckily Ian had some new work to hang and he agreed to join me there.

JR Clashach Cove

Inspiration, being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, is a very individual and personal experience I think. 'Lilac Light Hopeman', one of Ian's photographs in that original exhibition, did it for me and I can't really explain why. I don't even think that it is one of his best images but, for whatever reason, on that day some ten years ago now it touched me and pulled me back onto the landscape photography path.

I had a similar experience after discovering and looking at the intimate landscape work of Hans Strand a couple of years back. No specific image comes to mind this time, more the thinking behind his intimate landscape photography, his requirement for exceptional composition and his search for order from chaos.

IC Icing Sugar Quiraing_

I also like his ideas about finding locations close to home as most of my photographs are made no further than a few miles from my home in Lossiemouth with some just 5 minute’s walk away. Clashach Cove, sometimes known as Cove Bay, is in the North East of Scotland and is situated near to the little town of Hopeman which is in Moray. It is a location close to home and my photography in the location has developed into a personal project. I included a small selection in the exhibition.

Inspiration, what would we do without it? You can read Jim's Featured Photographer interview with Tim from 2013.

The free exhibition, titled 'Landscape – The Photography of Jim Robertson and Ian Cameron' will now run until November 20th. Please contact Elgin Library on 01343 562600 to confirm access.

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