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Tales of Abruzzo


Fabrizio Marocchini

I am an ICT professional and for me photography is a passion. I love nature, I like hiking and explore it, from the mountains to the sea...all the elements! I love staying for hours waiting for the right light... with my camera, my tripod and my emotions...thinking of the composition and listening to the sound of the sea. Thanks in advance to all the people that will appreciate my work.


I started photographing years ago, as it was just a passion that would allow me to bring home memories of what I was living.

Over time I grew up, changing my mind. I began to appreciate the precious good of “time”, to get the better of the most particular moments, transmitting them firstly in my mind and then to my camera. I appreciate the calm of nature, trying always to learn what it has to teach.

By nature I am a solitary explorer, I love self-challenges. That’s why I do love high mountains (even though the Scottish coasts are ones of the most amazing in the world!). Mountain is so proud, tall, impervious, seductive and mysterious, always ready to be hiked.

Going along across the paths in a wood, feeling the effort running on my back, stopping to catch the breath and admire the landscape that changes around. In silence, sometimes I observe what seems to be a motionless atmosphere. But it is not. Distant sounds, creaks of branches, footsteps of animals that mark the rhythm of nature, the real one. It is reuniting with what we are, hiding from the technological chaos created by man and returning to develop our innate curiosity through the five senses.

Light through Gran Sasso Mountains

I live in Rome and work as an ICT developer. I am often thinking about changing my life, but it is only the lack of courage that still prevents me.

For this reason, as soon as I can, I run away towards what I consider as an ‘open window of the soul’. With photographic backpack always ready, I get in the car, and I run looking for new emotions.  

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