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Tolkien’s Shire in Lord Of The Rings

Bringing the normal world into the imagination

Lewis Phillips

Lewis Phillips

A cultural and environmental photographer with conservation in mind all the time. Re ignited with passion since moving back to film and shooting large format.


We immerse ourselves in monstrous feature films that drive our imaginations to places we could only imagine are found in fairy tails. Mountain ranges that are bleak, baron and leave a chill running down the spine, deserts where life seems unimaginable to exist, but the odd creature clings to life. Endless oceans either so calm motion is not even visible, or the other extreme of 100ft waves and driving rain with wind.

But what about the quaint, peaceful rolling green hills that are cultivated to perfection, where orchards can be found with lush trees bearing fruit. The view of soft mist from the mornings cool air and the meandering river gently pacing itself while fish rise to take the early morning insects. And cattle grazing creating the mowed lawns, whilst the hedges create the patchwork quilt landscape viewed from the hills. This can mean only one place, Tolkien's Shire in Lord Of The Rings. A place where the film starts it journey by showcasing the simple lives of the Hobbits. Was this a place created in his imagination, or is there more to the Shire than really meets the eye?

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