About John Brockliss

John is a Brighton-based photographer specialising in reportage and landscape photography. He studied photography, fine art and graphic design at Goldsmiths and Ravensbourne before graduat- ing as a professional graphic designer in 1972.

In a design career spanning over 40 years, John has worked with some of the most eminent designers of his generation and now dedicates his creative energies to his photographic projects.

He works exclusively with Leica-M rangefinder cameras and available light. Increasingly John works in black and white, focusing on long-term assignments and wider creative collaborations where he can explore his chosen subject, landscapes and documentary stories in depth. Simplicity underpins John’s work ethos - his images are printed uncropped as shot in-camera and avoid manipulation.


Endframe: East Cumberland Bay, November 13, 1914 by Frank Hurley