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Cominboeuf Haiku 1

Landscape as Visual Haiku

Most visual haiku images to be found are not linked to words, though there are examples where images have been used as a basis for haiku, or as in the Forms of Japan, existing haiku have been chosen to accompany an image. more

Stonehenge, England


This became a project about crossing boundaries, both geographic and linguistic. It weaves a story through world cultural history in an accessible way, from a personal point of view. It illuminates a universal human story. more



I knew the haiku would be the route back to the poetry of the landscape. Being a Gaelic speaker I decided to write them in that language to accompany my photographs and the ‘Gaiku’ was born. more


Haiku and the Art of Photography

For the ever creative mind, the desire to express one’s self can be a constant source of inspiration in itself. There probably comes in a time in most our lives when we find ourselves indulging in a little soul searching. more

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