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On The Edge

Solitude, Socialisation & Collaboration

I know that there will always be days when that feeling of isolation will visit me and will fill me with sadness, anxiety, and possibly temporary depression. That is simply the way it is, and the challenge is to manage and minimise those occasions in whatever way possible. more

Winter's Carpet V2

Solitude or Isolation?

I love the connection with nature, the time spent in the elements, and the sheer joy of creating and printing an image. The benefits to me are immeasurable and far outweigh any downside more

Cody Schultz Regarding Passion 2

Regarding Passion

It is the journey, not the destination, which is most important to the harmoniously passionate individual. Why else, for instance, would you wish to become a writer if you don't enjoy the act of dancing with words? more

Rydal Water Paul Sanders

End Frame: Rydal Water by Paul Sanders

His image of Rydal Water is packed with exquisite imagery and a myriad of emotions. more

Accidental Infrared, 7 6 21

Art and Mental Health

The same can be said when we, as creatives, post a new piece of art online for the world to see. Though we may tell ourselves, initially, that it does not matter how many *likes* or comments we receive. when we don’t receive what we might expect or hope for, we may find ourselves wishing we had never posted the piece. more

Looking Back At Morecambe At Sunset

Mark Pickup

Mark recently gained his distinction from the Associateship in the Disabled Photography Society.  We talk to Mark about his photography and how he has adjusted his workflow around his Macular Dystrophy. more


Same Tree, Different Day

Later that afternoon, the thought occurred to me to take a photo of the tree every day for a year just to see what would happen. I decided to follow through on that thought, and I had no clue at the time how this simple idea would end up impacting my life. more


The Trailings Project

It's the small things that make our world worth living in and help us to know that we are human, we are vulnerable. We are. fragile, but we can heal. more

Tim Allott

New Beginnings

In April 2021 they asked six talented photographers to make some images around the theme of “New Beginnings” and the real prospect of the COVID-19 pandemic being on the decline. more

On the Way OuIt is my memorial to a beautiful old hay barn that, a year after I made this photograph, toppled over during a winter storm.

Landscape Photography and the Meaning of Life

How effective we are at making meaningful landscape photographs is determined by our ability to forge, recognise and express meaningful connections between our lives and the landscapes we travel through. more


Landscape photography saved my life!

I’ve run the picture operation at The Times for about 8 years, the pressure of searching 12,000+ images daily, seeking the ever elusive front page, is huge. more

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