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End Frame: Rydal Water by Paul Sanders

Kate Somervell chooses one of her favourite images

Kate Somervell

Black and white photographer Kate explores the landscape with an eye for detail. Producing highly creative images using a range of techniques from high key to double exposure, and from camera to print. Her connection with the landscape is evident in her work. She is inspired by locations from the coast to deep woodland, and her images depict her love of water and trees. Some of her images are very abstracted and require some deciphering. Kate particularly enjoys the challenge of producing images that promote contemplation beyond the first glance. Her favourite locations include Scotland and the North of England, especially North Yorkshire where she lives.


So what are we looking for in a photograph? To be inspired, to want to rush to that location, to be hit between the eyes by something dynamic or to be stopped in our tracks or to swipe through images on the latest gadget giving them scant attention, a quick fix? Perhaps we would prefer to be transported to another place, then in wonder and awe a wave of calm overtakes us, we take a breath and we are transfixed, gently meditating on something that we can connect with on a deeper level, which holds our attention, an image that you want to look at time and again, or even put on your wall and live with?

In the early part of his photographic career, Paul Sanders worked in fashion and advertising before moving into the world of newspapers and eventually becoming picture editor of The Times. This incredibly stressful and demanding time of his life had a severe effect on both his physical and mental health. Out of the darkness, Paul found solace in the landscape, where he found a way to express himself by connecting with the natural world. Working in a mindful way allows Paul to create images in a calm and meditative way, truly connecting with his subject matter. Predominantly shooting in black and white, Paul embraces the landscape with a depth of emotional layering, and portrays an ethereal and subtle beauty, filling his images with both heart and soul.

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