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Alpine Flora of Tasmania

Being able to observe Tasmania’s beauty through the ground glass of a large format camera is always a tranquil and moving experience, regardless of what I am photographing. more

Jlamont 16t6552

Jim Lamont – Portrait of a Photographer

There is a rich history of landscape photographers taking up the cause of climate change and natural resource protection through their work. more


Endframe – Granite and seeps, Tasmania by Chris Bell

I have to redefine favorite, and can present to you the most influential photograph I have encountered recently. more


Nigel Clarke

This issue we're featuring a photographer local to both myself and Joe - Nigel Clarke also went on a one to one workshop with me to discover the pleasure and pain of large format photography. Since then he's been delving into platinum palladium too, to great effect. Can you tell me a little about your education, childhood passions, early exposure to photography and vocation? Much of my education has been more


Peter Dombrovskis

I found out about Peter Dombrovskis when I was on a large format photography course with Joe Cornish and David Ward. more

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