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    on Distant Horizons

    It must have been rather fab to research this, and it's terrific to encounter artists involved in the genre.

    - milouvision, 11:20 16th Jun

    on Camera Survey

    It might be interesting to see how the votes would stack if you asked in three months to repeat the survey, I for one missed the original request. It's a very interesting survey and nice to see that Pentax still have such a large following, likewise the medium and large format categories, [...]

    - Douglas Salteri, 08:54 16th Jun

    on Is Adobe Creative Cloud Bad For Photographers?

    Great article Paul! I hope Adobe will continue to develop Photoshop with new features for photographers. I would love some new adjustment layers, how about midtone contrast (a.k.a clarity)?

    - Magnus Lindbom, 07:32 16th Jun

David Ward and Joe Cornish | Gower Workshop


Worms-Head-Rhossili-webmail-lgWe wouldn’t normally use the news to promote workshops and tours (although we may build a section for this in the future) but as the two leaders of this tour are two of our main writers (and a partner in the business) plus the fact that the workshop location is one that has a long history I thought I’d make an exception.

I went on a workshop with Joe and David here a few years ago and can vouch for the accessibility of some extraordinary locations. So – I won’t harp on but if you want to take part in a workshop with two of the greatest landscape photographers and photographic educators in the country I can highly recommend this tour.

It’s on the 26th April and continues to the 1st of May and you can find more information about it on David’s website.


2 thoughts on “David Ward and Joe Cornish | Gower Workshop

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