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Borders Sunset

Post-processing - Joe Cornish revisits an old friend

Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish

Professional landscape photographer.


Borders of Scotland

We're hoping to include a regular column on post processing pictures in photoshop. This series won't be concentrating on individual techniques (although we will expand on some of these if subscribers ask for more info) but we will be concentrating on how to make pictures work better; How to balance light, emphasise structure and guide the eye.

The series starts with a photograph that Joe has had in his archive for some years but that was problematic because of very dark corners in the sky. A drum scan by Tim Parkin created a file that finally allowed the image to be assessed on its own merits.

The running length is approximately one hour and although the video that appears in the bottom corner is only visible for the first half of the screencast (due to technical problems - in other words, Tim made a boo boo). Although this image did not need a great deal of post processing, we hope you get an idea of how Joe approaches the post processing stage. There will be a second small screencast for this image where Joe uses large radius unsharp masking to enhance the texture in the middle area of the picture where the two lone trees appear.

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