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Ted Leeming starts a series of posts on his work

Ted Leeming

Ted has been exploring the beauty of the natural world and man’s interactions therein for some 35 years, focussing his work ever more towards issues surrounding climate change. Ted’s career started in London as a commercial photographer at the end of which he became the photographer on an Operation Raleigh expedition to Patagonia.  Disillusioned with commercial photography and city life he put his camera down for 12 years and cofounded a renewable energy consultancy as he became increasingly conscious of man’s contribution to climate change and felt a need to proactively contribute.  He returned to photography in 2004 with a focus on the outdoors and landscape, where with his wife Morag they were early protagonists of the “Impressionist” (ICM) technique.  

More recently his practice has focussed increasingly towards concept based environmental projects including “Zero Footprint” - a 5 year project with every image taken from the same location, “Pollphaill” - a village and oil fabrication yard constructed for 500 people but never used and finally demolished in 2017 and “ENERGISE“ - exploring themes around energy and climate change.  He also undertakes immersive low impact photographic explorations by bike or walking, including a 440km solo trek across the Maritime Alps and a 2850km cycle from the Black Sea to the source of the Danube


My photographic career/obsession/love/passion – call it what you will - began with a flattened instamatic 110 film camera. Sleek. Fitted the pocket. Easy load cassette film. It even extended to reveal the shutter release. As a bit of a gadget freak even then I confess to being instantly hooked though technical “control” was not one of its stronger points. And so I quickly progressed to my beloved Ricoh KR10 Super which stayed with me for many years and was where I learnt the “rules” of the game. I was having unending fun and the thought of heading out with the camera filled me with delight each and every time.

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