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Ten Years at the Joe Cornish Gallery

After producing First Light at the start of his career, possibly Britain’s most loved landscape photography book, Joe Cornish had to overcome the ‘difficult second and third album’ issues. These were put to bed with consummate ease with Scotland’s Coast and Scotland’s Mountains which were more personal in nature, less directed at the photographer but still very popular.

The fourth and fifth books were possibly the bigger challenge with Northumberland having mostly strong photography but disappointing printing and A Photographer at Work proving a challenging meal for many photographers. The latter had not quite enough of Joe’s photography to satisfy the purely visual browser and not quite enough craft oriented narrative to satisfy the photography geeks despite the package working very well when taken as a whole.

Joe’s sixth published book had a bit to prove in some people’s eyes but they shouldn't be too disappointed. The quality of the book is wonderful with exceptionally good paper and printing (done on a 300dpi press - a rarity for all but the top photography books) and a selection of images covering the last ten years of his commercial work.

The choice of photography is predominantly regional, a reflection of the footprint of the gallery’s commercial success, and is most definitely accessible with classic images from the dales and moors interspersed with one or two pictures from beyond such as the sublime Millenium Bridge in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Along with the photography is the occasional commentary from Joe about the images and his work. This isn’t intended to please the photographic community but communicates Joe’s thoughts on the subject matter; changing seasons, climate change, historical crudites and the occasional notes on his experiences taking the pictures.

The whole makes up for a classic coffee table feast that should please any romantic landscape photographer, especially ones with a penchant for the Yorkshire Dales and Moors.

The only negative I can think of is that I still want to see a First Light 2 covering some of Joe’s personal work rather than the more commercial material curated by the Gallery; but this is a request for more material, not a comment on the current. This book would make a fantastic present for a non-photographer, showing them an accessible version of what your passion is about and will be equally at home on most landscape photographer’s bookshelves.

The book is only available via the Joe Cornish Gallery either by visiting or by clicking here priced at £37.50 plus £7.50 p&p.

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