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Misty morning in Bolehill Quarry

Two People, Same Place, Different Results..

Dav Thomas

Dav Thomas

Tree loving photographer, mainly using large format film cameras but also flirts with other formats. Designer behind Triplekite publishing

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Joe Wright

Joe Wright

Frequently found wandering the woodlands, hills and river banks of the British countryside.

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Whilst on holiday in Derbyshire Joe had managed to tempt Dav out of bed early one morning at the beginning of Autumn on the promise of mist in Bolehill Quarry. The mist duly arrived and after Dav had playfully chastised Joe for getting to the rendezvous early to take a sneaky vista they headed of into the Quarry chasing the mist.  For Joe this was relatively new territory, for Dav you might say this was his home patch.

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  • wytchwood

    Such an impressive interpretation of a complex landscape. Both photographers have produced some beautiful and, for me, evocative images. The mist is both a physical help in simplifying the background and diffusing the light and also an important element in the compositions. Would it be fair to say that learning the mechanics of taking a photograph takes a few months but learning the art of composition takes years? I’m sure I would have been perplexed by this location so these images certainly inspire me to work harder at improving my composition. Thanks. Omer Ahmed.

    • Hi Omer, thanks for the feedback on the article it’s appreciated. It is indeed a wonderful spot to photograph in, I can see why Dav spends so much time there. As to the compositional skills, you can never stop learning at any level of experience; if there’s one thing I’ve learnt in these environments is to allow myself time to absorb what’s around me and not feel compelled to rush into taking a pic.

  • christheoldfarmhouse

    Great pics, enjoyed this. Is this location possibly what I remember as Lawrencefield, just down from the suprise view?

    • Hi Chris?, yes, Bolehill sits at the SW corner of Lawrence Field with exposed quarry faces running right up to the NW corner where it meets the main road close to the surprise view car park. See issue 2 for an in depth location guide on Bolehill and Padley Gorge.


      • christheoldfarmhouse

        Thanks Joe, it was the last shot that got me thinking, the grass there was always “delicate”? looking. If memory serves, the clean wall above the pond is rather cryptically known as “pool wall”!

  • GrahamMc

    Lovely shots, i think Dav’s ’tilted’ sums up the general look of Bolehill, the mist has created nice spaces between the immediate trees not exposing the closely huddled background tree’s, making it too busy.

    I found it easiest to park at Grindleford station and walk past the house on the right following the bend round and up the steep wide path leaving padley gorge away over to the right.
    The only advantage being, it’s all downhill back to the station as there’s a few levels to overcome in getting to the top of the quarry or the level just below.
    There’s no doubt Bolehill is quite an eerie place, you feel as if you are being watched, faint echoes of distant people, rock climbers shouting inaudible safety messages, the odd hiker breaking a stick under foot etc.
    A place to revisit definately, but for me quite challenging to say the least !

  • gibbins217

    Ive enjoyed Davs work from a little way off, now i know a little more about him I think i like it all the more. I like his ethos. Im fed up with the pretentious types who look for a deep meaning in all that they do and pffft at others, Dav is clearly not one of those..great interview with both togs.

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