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H3D39 System Possibilities

Part Two

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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OK so we’ve looked at the Hasselblad from just an image viewpoint but what else should we be thinking? Well in my opinion there are a few extra aspects of the Hasselblad system that are worth bearing in mind. The first is that, like any system, when you make a choice you are also buying into a range of lenses and with Hasselblad that range is particularly good.

Although they may not out perform the best Nikon lenses, in general they have a more ‘rounded’ look. For the V lenses, think about the signature Zeiss look with smooth transitions to out of focus areas and although H lenses are Fuji they are still excellent but maybe not quite the Bokeh. There is also the wonderful (although heavy) 55-110mm lens - why don’t more DSLR companies do great pro quality 2x zooms (superwides excepted).


The real conclusion is that it's quite a difficult conundrum. The equipment that goes with owning a digital back as a technical camera is always going to be expensive because it's a niche industry and manufacturing costs for small run products are always going to be expensive. However, if you're interested in this market I hope we've shown you a few options to get your foot in the door. Feel free to ask questions and we'll do our best to answer them.

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