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A Boscage of Birch

Kickstarting A Photobook Project

Just under a year ago I started hatching a plan for a photography project which would not only be different to my previous work but would provide a genuine challenge. A project where completion was not guaranteed. For me my photography had become predictable. If I headed to the beach or ventured into a forest I kind of already knew what I was going to get. That had to change.



I thought long and hard about how I should construct the boundaries of the project. This is of paramount importance to me as my creativity flourishes when possibilities are constrained. I decided I wanted to stick to a single camera and prime lens. The idea behind this was to enable me to maintain a constant relationship with my subject (which was still to be decided at this point) in a way which a zoom lens would not. The next constraint I felt particularly important was to have a clearly defined start, middle and end as all of my previous projects where open ended. It was my hope that working in this way would provide a concise narrative.

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