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Jon Wyatt

From Commercial to Fine Art

Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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Jon Wyatt

Jon Wyatt is a Cornwall–based photographer working on documentary landscape projects concerning environmental issues and landscape iconography. 


A background in business and snowboarding helped Jon Wyatt create a successful business in photography but the move from commercial photographer to fine art photographer isn't the easiest. We catch up with Jon just before he goes off on a holiday/tour/sabbatical around the world and ask him how he got into photography and why the change to a 'fine art' approach.


Can you give us some background on how you got into photography in the first place?

After completing a business degree it took the prospect of a year’s hitchhiking round Africa to nudge me into buying my first film slr. 90% of the resulting shots were abstract cloudscapes or landscapes of the remote desert areas that I'd been particularly drawn to. Those shots subsequently formed the core of my first photography website - http://www.skyscapes.co.uk. I put together some portfolios and the several art consultancies liked the work enough to promote it. At the same time I was an extremely keen snowboarder, and as my friends & I sought out some new and relatively unknown snowboarding destinations they convinced me to take my camera up the mountain.4The companies we travelled and stayed with used some of the shots so I contacted some ski and snowboard companies and magazines and made more sales. I met some magazine staff writers and convinced them that i could illustrate more articles and after several years of making part-time photography/snowboard trips I turned full time freelance in 2003. I spent the next eight winters shooting editorial photography for ski and snowboard magazines and became known for working mainly in remote or unusual backcountry locations - editors would refer to them as 'aspirational' destination features. My photographic style tended towards shooting vast landscapes and panoramas with any skiers or riders usually small in the frame. Greenland, Kashmir and Alaska were particular highlights for me.

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