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Luka Esenko

Photographer Profile

We received a short biography of Luka Esenko by Julie Renahan recently and would like to share it with you.

Like so many Slovenes, Luka Esenko was born with the ability to run up mountains effortlessly and with grace. Add to this that he is a talented landscape and nature photographer and you have a winning combination and an impressive portfolio of stunning images.


Born at a time when Slovenia, a tiny gem of a country, was still part of ex-Yugoslavia, Esenko (34) is emerging as one of its most acclaimed professional photographers drawing much of his inspiration from the Balkan region he knows so well, and from the Julian Alps where he feels most at home. Slovenia and the surrounding former Yugoslavian countries have had a chequered past, and borders with neighbouring Austria, Hungary and Italy have constantly been shifting over the years. He comments, only half-jokingly, that his grandmother lived in four different countries and experienced seven different currencies, yet she never moved from her home in Litija, central Slovenia. Just as Slovenia’s boundaries and history have been in constant state of flux since Roman times and earlier, so the country offers a diverse and changing landscape for photography; if you’re energetic enough it’s possible to start the day with a sunrise shoot at 2600 m in the Slovene alps and end the day with a sunset on the beach along the Istrian coast winding your way through the vibrant green and yellow vineyards, passing through medieval villages, the deep reds of the karst region with its many caves, and alongside turquoise glacial lakes en route.

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