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A Constant Companion

Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish

Professional landscape photographer. His personal website is www.joecornishphotographer.com/

Life is busy these days. That is probably the least revealing fact I could offer, and if you are a regular On Landscape reader you will be all to well aware of just how busy. For example, do you have time to read your favourite bi-weekly online photo magazine from cover to cover? Thought not. Neither do I, a terrible admission for someone who has been involved from the beginning and who should be scrutinising every sentence.


But that is the way of things. Too little time, too much to do. In my case I don't even have the excuse of social media as a time filler. I may have a Facebook page, but still need my son Sam to show me how to write an entry; and as for Twitter, Flickr and the like these are simply levels of technology far beyond my humble capabilities (not to mention my Luddite suspicion that there is something inherently risky in writing without reflection). Since our children have both now left home, I have no chance of doing social media, and also no excuse that our children absorb my time either. In spite of which apart from the odd frantic outing with the mower there's no time for gardening, and even the bits and pieces of football and cricket that I used to play no longer happen (of course, at 55 I may be slightly less helpful as a team mate!)


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