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Up, Up and Away!

The Ultimate Christmas Gift for the Landscape Photographer who has Everything!

David Clapp

David Clapp

Non-award winning landscape, travel, architectural photographer and writer based in South Devon.

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I used to think that the ultimate photographic accessory was a top of the range, ebony black Land Rover Defender like my good friend Justin’s, but after my recent excursions in Cappadocia, I have to inform you my choice has now changed.

One of the brilliant experiences I had when photographing an often complicated landscape was the chance to shoot a different style of landscapes altogether – to shoot the earth from the air. On the second day, I took my very first balloon ride, sharing a huge basket with seven excited tourists, together on a silent trip towards the clouds and into photographic heaven…. Well that’s what you would think, but it didn’t quite go to plan.



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