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Michael Lange

Michael's fascinating images of forest taken in near darkness warrant contemplative viewing to appreciate their beauty

Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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How did you get into photography originally.

Well I’m a self taught photographer. I first saw photography when I was seventeen and when I was eighteen I decided to become a photographer and I said “OK, a career as a photographer takes 8-10 years, are you willing to go for that?” and I said yes. So it took me 10 years to get into Stern and Die Zeit magazine.

This is photo-journalism?

Yes I was into journalistic photography for twenty five to thirty years so I mainly did Stern, Geo, Art magazine - portraits, features, technology, etc. Like stories about how Steinway pianos are made from a piece of wood to a royal festival hall. So you work on a project like that for four weeks but also covering news events like earthquakes. Stern and Geo were my main clients though.

And after a while the money in that sort of work went down but it changed significantly in the mid 1990s and then from 2000 onwards I was mainly photographing annual reports.

Was this portraiture?

Well I was photographing for Management magazine so I did do a lot of portraits of executive but I was doing annual reports for EADS who owns Airbus and has major contracts with the European Space Agency but for the complete annual report I would shoot in the factories and photograph executives. So I was basically a combination of reportage and portraiture.

But in 2008 this work just stopped dead with the economic crash and suddenly from being full employed and making a lot of money it was zero bookings. So I had to think about what I could possibly do. Sitting looking at the phone wasn’t helping so I thought I’d get away from the office and shoot some landscapes. I started shooting and it wasn’t really doing anything for me - it was fun but that was all. And then I went out into the woods and I was overwhelmed with the complexity but at a certain point I was shooting around twilight and I thought “That’s interesting!”. Something happened that tweaked my interest.

Don't forget you can see more of Michael Lange's pictures at website www.michaellange.eu and his book Wald is available from Beyond Words.

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