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Two Days in the Clouds

Play Misty for Me

David Clapp

David Clapp

Non-award winning landscape, travel, architectural photographer and writer based in South Devon.

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In late November last year, whilst on a break from my foreign schedule, I headed off to Dartmoor, to photograph in some of the thickest fog I had seen in a long while. The unusual event saw visibility down to just a few metres, which was perfect to try out an intimate experiment, one which I thought I would borrow from the great minds of large format.

The recent resurgence for shooting trees and forests in ridiculous detail has always fascinated me. In an attempt for the group to depart from the played out sunrise / sunset cliché that plagues 35mm, it has arguably and unintentionally become a cliché of its own. Although the subject has gained popularity I feel it fails more often than it succeeds. While some create compelling images, both interesting and unusual in their construction, it seems all too easy for others to miss the dartboard entirely, yet still receive adoration and retain boys club credibility.


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