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Charlie Waite Interview

About the Year of the Print and Exhibiting Photos

Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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Whilst attending the Year of the Print we were also able to interview Charlie Waite and also Diana Leppard, Charlie's assistant, about the exhibition and the ideas behind it.


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  • david mantripp @ snowhenge.net

    Tim, this is a very interesting interview, and I’m a huge fan of Charlie’s work, but could I suggest you apply a little editing to the transcript? I guess it is direct from a recording, but speech doesn’t always translate directly to text. Some of Charlie’s replies, as transcribed here, are practically incoherent. And I’m sure he isn’t. Just a bit of constructive criticism…

    • Sorry David – we’ve had two sets of eyes on this but perhaps something got copied badly – could you point out the phrases? Scratch that – I think a previously edited version of this must have been uploaded.

  • Astrid McGechan

    Found this a very interesting interview. Some of the thoughts I will hopefully remember for the future. When I had my first exhibition, I sat in the gallery for the whole 3 weeks because I wanted to see what kind of people came and how they felt about the images. The most memorable one was a woman, who looked around for about half an hour and then said she was currently experiencing family trouble but coming to look at the exhibition had made her feel much better. It was heartwarming.

  • valdab

    Yes a fascinating read – and heartening to hear that people are coming back to beautiful and romantic interpretations although I suspect the shift is going to take a while to gain ground.

    What was even more heartening however, was to read about the terror and insecurity that goes hand-in-hand with such exposure. I didn’t expect it and yet in the days leading up to the opening I was in a terrible state and indeed came perilously close to not turning up at all. This is ridiculous and suggests I have an over inflated sense of my own importance so it was quite reassuring to read that Charlie can relate to the same emotions.

    It was a truly worthwhile undertaking and I feel very grateful to Charlie and his team who put so much effort into making it come together. Hard to accept perhaps that it is not just about sales – to have somebody part with their hard-earned cash for a piece of artwork that we have made is a fantastic validation but I think the benefits can continue long after the exhibition has closed. Indeed I have since made several sales as a result of people seeing my work in print which has obviously pleased me greatly.

    I’m a firm believer in the value of the print and I hope the venture was sufficiently successful to justify the hard work involved.

  • A very good read , thank you Charlie, Diana and Tim.
    The print is very important even if its simply hanging them on the wall at home, it gives a full stop to the process rather than leaving the files on the Hard drive or the processed film in a file.
    The points made about ‘peepers’ and ‘stand back and admire’ types is so true, as is the comment on smaller cameras being valid tools – equipment snobbery often clouds photographers judgement’s.
    Photographers so often forget the reason for doing what they are doing, and the reason should not be to occupy Hard disk space or filing cabinets.

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