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End Frame – Mist on the North-East Ridge by Peter Dombrovskis

Pete Hyde chooses one of his favourite images

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Pete Hyde

A widely travelled landscape photographer with a passion for composition.


When Tim asked me if I would do an “End Frame” I didn’t realise quite how difficult it would be identifying which particular photograph I wanted to discuss. There are many photographers whose portfolios I admire and there are many more photographs within those collections which I could loosely describe as favourites .... so which one should I choose?

If you'd like to contribute an "Endframe" please get in touch and let us know on via our submissions page. If you have any comments about Pete's choice please let us know below. 

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  • Robin Jones

    Hi _Peter,a really good read .Thanks. End Frame, is becoming the first thing I open, each fortnight. I am not as familiar with the work of Peter Dombrovskis as I should be ( beyond references in O.L.) and this will prompt me to investigate further. The soft light and primeval vegetation, holds your interest, perhaps because it is so ethereal. The eye travels up to the misty tree line and comes back to the pool and the blue against green. Very tranquil and something I also think I could look at for a long time.

    • Pete Hyde

      Thanks Robin, pleased you enjoyed my choice of image.

  • I have a copy of ‘Simply’; like you I would count many photographs from that magnificent book among my favourites, and this would certainly be one of them. It has an ‘other-worldly’ feel to it, largely on account of the vegetation, I suspect. It’s an exquisitely composed and wonderfully relaxing image.

    Really enjoyed reading your thoughts on this, Pete.

    With All Best Wishes,

    • Anthony Castreuil

      But is it not the fact that it feels “other-wordly”, one on the biggest selling points of Peter’s work? It feels that way for me. When I look at his work, it always feels special just because it does not resemble anything remotely than what I have in my country.

      I wonder how native people feel about those pictures, do they feel the same way? When I look at pictures from landscape on my own country, I can certainly appreciate the workmanship and the views, but it never feels special to me.

      • Pete Hyde

        Hi Anthony, I agree the lack of familiarity is a factor which helps hold my attention too …. and hence often increases my enjoyment of an image.

    • Pete Hyde

      Hi Doug,
      Pleased you enjoyed my musings. I agree the book is full of wonderful images and the ‘strangeness’ of the vegetation here is definitely a feature I like.
      Cheers, Pete

  • Very interesting to read how you approached this challenge Pete. So far I’ve done an initial book review but your method makes more sense! Well done.

    • Pete Hyde

      Thanks, Michela. It sounds a bit strange but it did take me some time to recognise why I particularly like certain images :o)

  • An absolute beauty, Pete and I enjoy your description of why this appeals to you so much. It is not an image I knew but one that invites you in to explore – so thank you very much for introducing me to it :)

    • Pete Hyde

      Hi Lizzie,
      Thank you. I’m pleased that you enjoyed my choice and deliberations.
      Cheers, Pete

  • Alan

    Hi Pete,
    As another “plant” person I can fully see your reasons for chosing this image, it displays a wonderful richness and not just botanically. Looking at glimpses of his other work I can now see one of the influences(subconciously or not)in your own work. A tough call to choose your favourite image and especially say why but a great choice and well put.

    Alan (Gower)

    • Pete Hyde

      Hi Alan,
      Pleased you enjoyed my choice. It looks just the sort of location where you would be in your element.
      Cheers, Pete

  • jennym

    Hi Pete,

    Although I have enjoyed this image before I have never spent time ‘dwelling’ on it. Whilst I am no botanist, I love the way you can almost smell the peat, feel the spongy moss give underneath your feet, sense the mist on your skin in the coolness of the morning, and hear the stillness as this image is taken. The love of the photographer for this landscape eminates through this image and I appreciate that. To be able to convey this through such an unassuming two-dimensional image is masterly, and certainly something to aspire to! Thank you for drawing our attention to it.

    Al the best,


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