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Endframe – Glowing Autumn Forest by Christopher Burkett

Antony Spencer chooses one of his favourite images

Antony Spencer

Antony Spencer

Dorset based photographer and tour leader

I have never considered myself much of a writer so I was immediately quite daunted by the prospect of writing an Endframe for Tim. Even more challenging is the fact that its midnight and I have a sleeping child on either side of me as we fly towards Doha. I have promised my wife I won’t be working whilst we are away and fortunately for me, she is also asleep! Time is of the essence I feel. I have read many of these articles over the last 24 hours and read how many authors of these articles struggled to single out one photograph to write about.

For me there was one obvious image, well, one obvious artist anyway. Christopher Burkett is a landscape photographer who was only introduced to me a few years ago but many of his images have had a huge impact as I keep revisiting them. I was sitting to lunch with David Ward a couple of years ago at David’s home and we had been working all morning. The conversation moved to photography books and David produced a large pile of books from photographers I wasn’t aware of. Some of these books were great and others didn’t do anything for me at all.

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