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Endframe: “Infinite Funnels” by Guy Tal

Kyle McDougall discusses one of his favourite pictures

Kyle McDougall

A Canadian cinematographer working his landscape photography in the beautiful Muskoka area of Ontario.


I’ve come to learn that we all approach our craft in very unique ways, with differing backgrounds, styles and interests. With that being said, it only makes sense that we’re all affected by each others work in varying degrees.

For myself, I don’t think picking a single favourite image is something I’ll ever be able to do. As my interest and experience in photography evolves, so do my choices in style and creativity.

On a daily basis I’m amazed and inspired by work that other photographers are creating. Even still though, I don’t find myself spending much time diving deep into people’s work. This became even more apparent when sitting down to think about who has had the most influence on my photography to date.

I believe that as artists, we’re likely to only truly connect with a small portion of work created by others. By that, I mean not just liking or being intrigued by an image, but finding work that speaks to us in a unique way. Work that keeps us coming back and both influences and challenges us.

For me, one of those people is Guy Tal (read Guy's article on photography and the creative life). Over the years he’s been someone whose images and words have constantly moved me. There’s been a connection that I really haven’t found as strong elsewhere.

Choosing my favourite image from Guy’s  portfolio wouldn’t be fair, as many of them appeal to me in different ways, and their impact changes on a consistent basis. Even speaking about his images provides a challenge, as I find myself wanting to stay far away from trying to break down decisions and choices that are highly individual.

In my opinion, Guy’s portfolio has a unique depth and quality to it. His images, while complex and incredibly well thought out, provide me with a visual experience that has a certain ease to it. Every piece of his work just feels right. 

 The more I grow as an artist, the more attracted I am to these types of scenes. In my opinion, they provide the strongest sense of discovery for both the artist and the audience.

Having to pick just one image for this article, I rounded up a number of my current favourites of Guy’s, and stared at my screen for hours trying to make a decision. The image I ended up with was “Infinite Funnels”. At this time, it appeals to me the most, but I’m sure if you asked me in a week from now or even a day, my decision would be different. 

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