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Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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Our first batch of truly winter weather comes and goes a couple of weeks ago and I was lucky enough to be in Scotland at the time. Charlotte and I had booked to do some more winter mountain skills and the come the day of course (a two day camp) we had the coldest night and clearest stillest day of the week.

I can’t describe how wonderful it is to see a landscape I know quite well from a truly different perspective. Our experience is written up in this issue and I wholeheartedly recommend getting out in the hill in winter if you can make it (and if we can, most can!).

The weather wasn’t quite as cold as Joe Cornish’s experiences in the Polar Regions (although our trip was a lot cheaper we definitely had colder rooms). Joe talks about the unique constraints of photographing from a ship but shows us just what beautiful pictures you can create even so.

To finish the cold weather theme this issue, Hans Strand talks about his experiences in the Abisko National Park, Sweden, 121 miles north of the Arctic circle.

As I write this editorial, the East coast of the US is getting a record breaking dump of snowfall . If you’ve got any cold, wintery conditions then I hope you can enjoy them safely while they last. Our snow has turned to drizzle and we wait the liquid state version of the US storms in the next few days.

Until next time!

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