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Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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The generally accepted wisdom from many photography magazines and websites is that you must travel to far flung and exotic locations in order to get that perfect portfolio. And even if you can't travel regularly, you are constantly told that this or that iconic locations is a must to have in your portfolio. Then, if you read the more nuanced sources online, you will be told that you must photograph in your own back yard - only through local photography will you really find your own inner calm and transcend into a higher plane of photography. The truth, like brexit or bray, is more complex. In the end it matters not where you do your photography, the fundamental truth is that as long as you are enjoying or being fulfilled by what you do (and don't think they're the same thing) then carry on! Our photographers in this issue embody this ethic. Joe Cornish has a passion for Roseberry Topping but, as seen in this issues video from the Photography Show, has travelled to the other end of the world to fulfil his passion. David Higgs photographs the woods on his doorstep but recently travelled the US of A; Hans Strand's airsickness hasn't put him off flying above the rivers of Iceland (although it has put off a few of his pilots) but many of his favourite photographs are in his local park. This passion of ours doesn't come with artificial limits and it is all the better for that.

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