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Dan Baumbach, Paul Hulme, Paul Gotts & Wayne Bingham

Dan Baumbach

I was born in Brooklyn, NY, USA. As a teenager I became enamored with street photography. When I graduated from college I started working in commercial photography until other events pulled me in a different direction. About 20 years ago I got back into photography and now do macros and intimate landscapes.


Neil Hulme

Neil Hulme, born 2nd March 1965 in Liverpool, has taken a great interest in visiting areas in the North West from The Lake District down to the Wirral Peninsular. He has been involved in photography for four years and found his love and passion for monochrome images centres around long exposure photography.


Paul Gotts

Paul Gotts is an amateur photographer based on Merseyside. He has helped pull together three collaborative photo books showcasing the work of 18 different photographers. He also makes handmade books whether for himself or others, often for charitable causes.


Wayne Bingham

Wayne Bingham is an amateur photographer residing in Utah. He finds joy in making images of the beauty of the earth.


Our 4x4 feature is a set of four mini portfolios from our subscribers, each consisting of four images related in some way.

If you would like to submit your own 4x4 portfolio please visit this page for submission information. Please click the images to view them full size.



Dan Baumbach

Yosemite, Snow, Fog and Sun


A magical morning in Yosemite. It had snow during the night and there was fog covering Sentinel Meadow. To make the morning even more spectacular, the rising sun started burning off the fog and illuminating the valley walls.



Neil Hulme

Local Fishery


All 4 images are taken at a local Fishery I've visited on several occasions throughout the past year or so. I’ve tried to capture this little fishing pond in various weather conditions, fog, mist, snow drizzle.

The small T shaped jetty's make for a lovely focal point for an image and with the chair and the boats to make life very easy for a photographer.



Paul Gotts

Scaleber Force


I have been quite taken by the value in revisiting places fairly frequently to get a better understanding of what is happening there.  My knowledge of the West Yorkshire Dales was very limited so a few months ago I decided to see what they had to offer in the shape of Scaleber Force - a spectacular waterfall formed where a small beck cascades over a limestone edge into a pool and a series of stepped levels.

The photographs were taken during the course of 5 visits between September 2015 and January 2016.  In September the place was quiet with the colours just warming up, which left me loads of time to sit, have a meat pie and a bottle of pop.  By the time the rains had come it was all noisy down there and with fewer places to sit around my visits became a little shorter.



Wayne Bingham

Stones on stone

Point Lobos, near Carmel, California, was mentioned several times in the Daybooks of Edward Weston. I wondered what he found so intriguing there. My wife, Colleen, heard me mention it as I read the books. She made arrangements for us to spend a week in the Carmel Highlands.

I found myself going to Point Lobos day after day, high tide to catch crashing waves and low tide to examine the stones left on stone as as the tide retreated. I was captivated. The dynamically changing seashore offered unlimited opportunities to point my camera at the small and the grand.

These four images were made at low tide where I found small, rounded stones placed by receding waves on the smooth eroded large stone of the seashore. The small stones appeared to have been placed there by a brilliant graphic artist, just in the right place to contrast with patterns and crevices of underlying stone.
Each image was made with an Olympus OM-D EM-5II with an Olympus 14-150mm lens.



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