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Transitions – Black and White and Colour

Recording from the 2014 Meeting of Minds Conference

Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher is recognised as one of the most accomplished landscape photographers and workshop leaders in the UK today. He has been a writer and lecturer in photography for over thirty years and runs both field and printing workshop nationally and internationally.


Paul was fortunate to begin his photographic career professionally at the age of nineteen working in commercial studios after studying photography directly from school where he worked extensively in medium and large format. He is well known for his black and white work predominantly in large format, and over the past five years, Paul has built an extensive portfolio of colour landscape work and has begun using digital platforms.

With an infectious personality and passion for landscape photography, Paul is sought after as a public speaker and lecturer in photography. In 2008 Paul was commissioned to write his first book,  “Aspects of Expression”, an exploration of the considerations and thoughts behind black and white landscape photography, and in 2010 he published his much acclaimed limited Edition portfolio book “Chords of Grey” which has to date received five awards.

Paul is the co-founder of aspect2i, his landscape photography workshop company which focuses on educating photographers in the skills of landscape photography, and in 2010, aspect2i took over the Epson Print Academy UK as Paul believes firmly in the full journey of photography from capture to finished print.

Transitions - Black and White and Colour

For over thirty years Paul dedicated his passion for landscape photography in making black and white photographs using large format cameras. Recently, the use of digital platforms has seen a transition in most notably, his colour work much of which will be seen here for the first time. Paul discusses his experiences and the freedom to return to colour landscape photography.



Following the talk, we interviewed Paul Gallagher in our Green Room.



Making photographs of the landscape is often, necessarily, a solitary pursuit. But that doesn’t mean we want to be hermits. What we want is the company of like-minded people. We want a place to view the photographs of others and, perhaps, somewhere to show our own work. We also want a place to find new ideas – both aesthetic and technical.

On Landscape provides the ‘virtual’ place where all of those things can happen, a place where the disparate community of landscape photographers can meet and exchange ideas. It’s the perfect environment in which to share our passion. But wonderful as the online magazine is you can’t beat meeting people face-to-face.

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