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Bolerium, Cornwall’s West Penwith Peninsula

Andy Ford

Andy Ford

I am Andy Ford, photographer, based in East London, but forged in the West Country.I work extensively in the editorial & music industry shooting for magazines including Kerrang & The NME, labels such as XL & Sony. When not busy on commercial & editorial commissions I can be found pursuing personal projects focusing on raw landscape and coastlines.


andy ford montage


‘Bolerium’ explores the physical and psychological landscape of Penwith, an isolated region in the far west of Cornwall. Situated on a granite peninsula reaching out into the turbulent Atlantic, a sense of the primordial co-exists with extensive traces of humanity. Relics of early Neolithic man, a past of heavy industry, a present of farming, fishing & tourism, all present amongst the region’s raw geology. A tumultuous history has created a rich local folklore of giants, witchcraft and ghosts that are still palpable.

The images draw from these themes exploring narrative landscapes which evoke the ‘sense of place’ that is so distinct to Penwith, discovering the region in a way that moves beyond the familiar picturesque postcard vistas.


AF_Bolerium_RMSMulheim AF_Bolerium_CapeCornwall AF_Bolerium_PriestsCove AF_Bolerium_GeevorMine

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