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Open skies on the coast

Ian Moore

Ian Moore

Lifelong photographer, now enjoying retirement in the flatlands of Lincolnshire. Landscape, architectural, and some portraiture. Only shoot MF , currently on the Pentax 645Z, with a variety of 645 and 67 (via adapter) lenses. Favourite destinations include the deserted Norfolk and Lincolnshire marshes, Ireland, and American west and southwest. Printing with Epson printers , currently the 7900 and 4900, preferably large scale, up to 36" x 24" , on Epson, Fujifilm, and Colourbyte papers.

Images are from the Norfolk and Lincolnshire coast, around Boston, Cley-next-the-Sea, and Blakeney. Although 2 of them (unusually) show people, they still seem to me to be 'landscapes', as they both show the local natural environment and weather conditions perfectly? This coast is all about open skies, and the wind coming off the North Sea - called an 'idle wind' locally...it goes through you, not around you! The sunrise through the marsh mist was a rare moment of calm however. Falling Sky at Blakeney was in strong gusting winds, and shortly before a drenching in horizontal rain. (image edited 'colder' to emphasise the windchill!)

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