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Static Flow

Paul Howell

Paul Howell

I live in the Yorkshire Dales and love to be outside exploring and photographing the less well trodden areas of the north. When I’m not photographing I work on websites and graphic design. I have recently started printing and exhibiting my landscape work which has been really enjoyable and I’m looking for further opportunities to continue.


This series of images is part of a larger collection looking at the movement and flow of water along a small stretch of the River Washburn on the edge of Nidderdale AONB.

Some years ago while living in Sydney, I fell in love with the ocean and surf. I became obsessed with the power and beauty of the waves that rolled into the coast. I was fascinated by how, within the chaotic system of the Pacific ocean, there was still predicability and consistency to the surf breaks along the beaches. A consistency that was caused largely by the topography of the seabed. I would spend many hours studying the local waves and learned to make inferences as to the layout and shape of the sand banks, channels, rock slabs and reefs that lay beneath the surface.

Now, living back in the UK and some miles from the sea, this fascination has turned to the flow of water down my local rivers and the inferences that can be made about the nature of the terrain over which it moves.

In this instance though, unlike surf rolling in towards the beach, the wave-like shapes formed by the water remain relatively static, relying on the shape of the riverbed and the flow of the water over it to give its definition.

As can be seen from the images the time of day, available light and the length of exposure has made a dramatic effect on the final outcome of the shots.

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